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Light Cheese Chocolate Mousse Cake (DIY Cake box + Purple potato flower)

2018-03-04 12:48:00

This is for my cousin's birthday cake, I wanted to be a little new, but my cousin asked for chocolate mousse, oh, why do they all like this? After thinking about it, my cousin also likes to eat cheesecake, so the cake base will use light cheese, I do not know whether this weak cake base can withstand the mousse filling, it is also a test. The recipe for light cheese is my own. It's an 8-inch loose bottom mold. Ingredients: 3 eggs, 50g milk, 2 boxes of small fresh cheese (original) 100g, 15g cake flour, 15g cornstarch, 40g sugar, a little salt, a few drops of lemon juice can refer to cocoa light cheese. The light cheese should be unmoulded immediately after baking so that the sides are even. Wrap the bottom of the flophouse tin foil to facilitate the transfer of the mousse cake. (I'm giving it away, so if I eat it myself, I'll save myself the tinfoil swap.) The cake tin (except the base) should be washed and dried before placing the light cheesecake base back into the mold so that the mousse sides are clean. Chocolate mousse filling can be found here or in a previous post, the most I've ever made is chocolate mousse. Purple florets are mixed with cream and steamed mashed purple potato, about 100 grams of gold diamond +150 grams of purple potato puree, and then use decorating tools to squeeze out florets. Purple flowers with white chocolate sprinkles, feel quite elegant. Put a heart cut with dragon fruit, I hope my cousin will like it! Next to the grand launch of their own DIY cake box, but also from the Internet. You can just look at the picture. It's pretty neat, right? You can also continue DIY on the surface of the box, drawing, decals... I just don't have the energy. Cake box cover Cake box bottom Punch holes on the four sides of the cake box and thread the extra mousse filling into a jelly cup to make two small mousse for my son. Ask him how his cake looks today. He said, "Nice!" Then come this sentence: "Your cakes are beautiful, you like me to say beautiful, not beautiful or not beautiful, I say beautiful." That's a big kid.