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Light diet "Vegetable egg dough"

2018-02-19 16:00:00

Light diet "vegetable egg pimples" we usually always like to drink pimples soup, but generally tomato egg pimples soup, looks very festive, so today we learn to do green pimples soup, the main ingredients have flour, local eggs, cabbage, carrots, so how to do vegetable egg pimples? The first step, beat the native eggs into egg liquid, add flour, stir into a thick paste; The second step, cut the vegetables into shreds, pour oil into the pot, stir fry the shredded vegetables for a while, and then pour into hot water to make soup; The third step, the batter along the side of the bowl with chopsticks quickly slide into the pot, as far as possible to keep the size consistent; Step 4, after the dough bumps are floating on the soup, add salt to taste. The fifth step, after the pot can also according to their own preferences, add vinegar, sesame oil, coriander, garlic and so on. The sixth step, the speed of the batter should be fast, and the dough bumps should be careful to stick to each other. Step 7, vegetables can be matched according to their own preferences. The above are vegetable egg dough bumps, you can also do your favorite taste according to your own preferences!