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List of vaccinations for children under three years of age

2018-05-04 01:36:39

Having a child, learning and exchanging a variety of parenting knowledge and sharing their own parenting experience has become the greatest fun for these mothers. Below, I will share my own experience in baby vaccination, hoping to bring some references to expectant mothers. Bomi, born on January 24, 2011, is now 3 years and 2 months old. 1, hepatitis B vaccine (HBV) vaccination age: birth, 1 term, 6 term vaccine name: Hepatitis B vaccine (HBV) vaccination purpose: to prevent viral hepatitis B vaccination price: the first 400, the second, the third free vaccination number: 3 vaccination address: The first one is in the mine hospital, and the future vaccinations are in the community health service of the District Shazitang Street hepatitis B vaccine We are strictly in accordance with the time, a day is not bad. This shows how much attention was paid to vaccination at that time! 2, BCG vaccine (BCG) vaccination age: within 24 hours of birth vaccine name: BCG vaccine (BCG) vaccination purpose: to prevent tuberculosis, this is every newborn will be vaccinated, national compulsory, free. Vaccination price: Free vaccination number: 1 vaccination address: Mine Hospital 3, polio vaccine (OPV) Vaccination age: 2 term, 3 term, 4 term vaccine Name: Polio vaccine (OPV) Vaccination purpose: to prevent polio, commonly known as polio vaccination price: Free vaccination number: so far 3 vaccination address: District Shazitang Street Community Health service 4, DPT vaccination age: 3 term, 4 term, 5 term, 1 ½ -2 years old Vaccine name: English Fen four link species Objective: prevention of HIB pneumonia meningitis and diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus. Vaccination price: Probably cost a few hundred yuan, I don't remember. Vaccination frequency: 4 times Vaccination address: Community Health Service of Shazitang Street, District 5, JE vaccine (JEV) Vaccination age: half to 1 year old Vaccine Name: JE vaccine (JEV) Vaccination purpose: to prevent Japanese encephalitis Vaccination Price: free vaccination frequency: 1 vaccination address: District Shazitang Street Community Health Service 6, Group A meningitis vaccine (AEMV) vaccination age: half year -1 year half vaccine Name: Group A meningitis vaccine (AEMV) Vaccination purpose: used to prevent the epidemic caused by group A meningococcal meningitis Vaccination Price: free vaccination number: 2 vaccination address: District Shazitang Street Community health service 7, leprosy (MR) vaccination age: half -1 year old, 1 -2 years old Vaccine Name: Leprosy (MR) intensive vaccination objective: to prevent measles, rubella vaccination price: free vaccination number: 2 vaccination address: District Shazitang street community health service 8, MMR (MMR) vaccination age: 1 ½ -2 years old vaccine Name: MMR triple (MMR) Vaccination Purpose: for the prevention of Measles (Measles), Mumps (Mumps), Rubella (Rubella) and other three common acute respiratory infectious diseases vaccination Price: free vaccination number: 1 vaccination address: District Shazitang Street Community health Service 9, varicella vaccine (VZV) vaccination age: about 1 and a half years old Vaccine Name: varicella vaccine (VZV) vaccination purpose: to prevent varicella vaccination price: about 100 vaccination times: 1 vaccination address: District Shazitang Street community health service 10, vaccination age: 3 months to 2 years old Vaccine name: Quadruple vaccination purpose: this I really do not know, from three months to play, self-paid vaccination price: about 500 vaccination times: 4 vaccination address: District Shazitang street community health service 11, influenza vaccination age: 8 full-term 1 year old vaccine name: influenza vaccination purpose: to prevent a certain influenza virus vaccination price: about 200 vaccination times: 2 vaccinations Address: District Shazitang Street community health service 12, Rotavirus vaccine vaccination age: 7 term vaccine Name: Rotavirus vaccination Objective: to prevent 3 months to 2 years old infant viral diarrhea Vaccination price: about 150 vaccinations: 1 vaccination address: District Shazitang street community health service Experience Sharing: 1) The first vaccine (hepatitis B) was reluctantly accepted under various bombardments by doctors and nurses. More than 400 bucks. Doesn't seem necessary. But the expectant mother is inexperienced, and I blindly follow what the doctor says. Therefore, the mother-to-be's parenting knowledge should be involved more widely, so as not to have too much blindness in the early stage. 2) Nine months ago, my family was usually taken by my grandmother and father to play, so basically all the necessary and not necessary to play, all played. Every month can average once or twice, alas, think of really for their own blind follow a little chagrin. Money is one thing, on the other hand, for some medical staff only pay attention to economic interests and shame. After nine months, the number of vaccinations was much less, and I gradually treated vaccinations rationally. Most of them were taken by me, because since my baby was nine months old, I became a stay-at-home mother and paid more attention to the knowledge and experience of parenting. 3) National compulsory, free vaccination, must be played to prevent disease, but also involved in kindergarten, enrollment and so on. 4) But similar to those a wide variety of flu vaccines, expensive imported vaccines, I hope mothers can be rational treatment. There are pros and cons, weighing them up, my advice is not to play. 5) Some vaccines are available free of charge or at your own expense, and it is also recommended to choose free vaccines. Of course, if you can completely ignore economic factors, you can choose better vaccines, measured by price. 6) It is best to take a shower the night before vaccination and go to bed early, especially for babies, who will have a little poor sleep after vaccination and cannot take a bath. Summer must also wear sleeved clothes to vaccinate, I have two negligence, the day is too hot, only to wear a sling vest to go, was criticized by the nurse. 7) Half an hour before and after vaccination do not drink water, do not drink milk, the baby has a cold, fever and other illness, can not be vaccinated, these belong to vaccination common sense, it seems that you can not say more. 8) After vaccination, pay attention to the temperature of the baby. Some babies have fever after vaccination. The two cases of death of vaccinated babies reported by Urban Channel should also attract our attention, and parents' negligence is also one aspect. 9) After BCG vaccination, before the card scar is completely long, be sure to pay attention to waterproof, heat and so on.