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List the top 10 fae beauties in the gaming world

2018-03-22 17:36:42

People in the world are basically people, whether yellow, white, black, as long as it is normal, they are called people, but in the game world, for the development of some scripts, or in order to establish a special world view, there are some different species. It was said in ancient times that the most difficult thing to draw is cows and sheep, because everyone has seen them, and the easiest thing to draw is ghosts, because everyone has not seen them. Since I have not seen it, I can only rely on imagination, and the source of all imagination must be the source of life and the source of real experience, so even if the alien people in the game world, there is also the existence of a rare beauty. (No ranking)

List the top 10 fae beauties in the gaming world

10, "Dragon Age" the girl of the forest can be cultivated into a tree spirit for thousands of years, since it has been thousands of years, it must have seen a lot of girls, then the girl of the forest will certainly not be bad, lived for so long, in fact, she is also very painful.


9, "League of Legends" Ahli Ahli unlike other foxes, Ahli has always felt that she has a magic from the bottom, but can not drive, and she fantasizes that one day will become human. Until one day she stumbled into a human war. It was a terrible sight, bodies strewn all over the ground. She was attracted to one of them: a man in a robe fell to the ground in a Dharma parade, and the man was almost dead. She approached him, and suddenly the essence of his life was poured into Ahri's body under the power of magic. After that, she has the magic to captivate men and make nerds fascinated.


8, "League of Legends" Anna some wizards have their own pursuit, in order to pursue the most compelling original power of nature, willing to give up has learned magic, Anna is such a magician. Jana found herself in love with a special kind of magic - the wind magic of nature, which she seemed to have a gift for, and it took only a few months to master the wind magic. And also use the wind to change her appearance, and let a bunch of nerds fascinated.


7, StarCraft II Zerg Queen Sarah Kerrigan Kerrigan first appeared in StarCraft as a human female agent, with telepathic abilities, but in the process of fighting the Federation was captured by alien insects and infected with adult worms. Since then she has become a human/insect hybrid and is completely subordinate to the mind of the alien master. She was once the strongest representative of the alien, but later broke through the Master's control and eventually became the strongest ruler of the entire sector. Anyway, she's a queen, both human and insect.


6, "Never Winter Nights", "Dragon Age", "WOW" and other Succubos are demons, representing chaos and evil, based on beautiful human beings, but with a large number of demonic characteristics. Likes to charm humans, has infinite time to change magic, so it becomes beautiful. Succubi like to kiss people after they charm them, sucking the energy of the creatures, and it's really dark.


5, "Baldur's Gate" Virconia and sexy dark elves this girl is the most popular female role of Baldur's Gate, mature, personality, hot, of course, temper is not good, in the game if you do not want her to leave you, can only become stronger, especially prestige value. Well, it's a night elf, so it's definitely different than a normal human.


4, "Mass Effect" Asari The main star of the Asari is Thessia, also known as the strongest and respected race in this galaxy, is the first race to discover the castle. This race body type is similar to human, and looks female, in addition to blue skin, looks good, and the most bull ah, can be with any race of sex ah! Have a taste for


3. Mass Effect Tali First... This is a girl who has been wearing a mask, we all know, mysterious always want to explore, because we are curious, and the girl wearing a mask makes us want to see the girl under the mask is worth pushing down, BioWare finally gave us to see the appearance of taking off the mask, it is worth pushing down oh!


2, "Heroes and Invincibles" Spring spirit and all water element beauty women are made of water, this is just a metaphor, and spring spirit is indeed made of water, and... Just look at the picture. It's watery.


1, "The World of Kings" prophet Cassandra this game national service has stopped operation, but Hanbok is still very hot. The Prophet is one of the mercenaries who has the ability to weaken all melee weapons, which is to predict that the weapons on the other side will not work well in the next battle. Cassandra's prominent image in mythology is that of an unheard-of prophetess who, like the prophets of ancient Hebrew, looked straight into the truth, past, present, and future.