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Location map and function of Zhangmen acupoints

2018-03-19 17:36:00

The functions and benefits of massage Zhangmen point are to treat abdominal pain, abdominal distension, bowel singing, diarrhea, vomiting, exhaustion and so on. Zhangmen acupoint location in the human body where, how to find?


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【 Function and benefits of massage Zhangmen acupoints 】 Treating diseases: abdominal pain, abdominal distension, bowel ringing, diarrhea, vomiting, exhaustion, chest and hypochondriac pain, jaundice, mass, infantilism, lumbar pain. Zusanli acupoint is used to treat urticaria and histamine allergy. Tianshu point, Pishu point, Zhongwan point and Zusanli point are used to treat abdominal distension, mass, hypochondriac pain, diarrhea and wasting caused by dissonance between liver and spleen. Treatment of ascites and nephritis with Shenshu, Ganshu, Watercourse, Jingmen, Yinlingquan, Sanyinjiao, Qihai.


[Warm tips] Spleen meridian fundraising points, eight points of the dirty will. Zhangmen point: spleen fundraising, dirty meeting, foot Jueyin Shaoyang meeting. Alias: Changping, Waliao, Jiqi, Spleen Mu, elbow Liao, elbow point, after Zhangmen, Ji Li. Acupoint meaning: The strong atmosphere of the liver channel stops breathing in this wind.

Matters needing attention

Acupuncture point map and information, if acupuncture and other related operations, please consult the local hospital doctor.