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Lock head broken various repair methods

2018-04-12 16:00:22

When the pull-head is broken, there are several fixes you can try. Here are some common fixes:


1. Replace the zipper head: If the zipper head is damaged and cannot be repaired, the easiest way is to replace it. You can buy a new zipper head and zipper slider, and then follow the instructions or some online tutorials to replace. This usually requires some basic sewing skills.


2. Repair the opening of the zipper head: Sometimes the opening of the zipper head may be deformed or separated, resulting in normal use. You can use some common tools to repair it, such as pliers or a needle and thread. If it is a plastic puller, you can heat it with hot water or a heater, and then gently press the opening of the puller with pliers to restore its shape. If it is a metal lock, you can use pliers or some clamps to reattach it together.


3. Lubricate the lock head: Sometimes the lock head will become sticky or stuck because it has not been used for a long time. You can use some suitable lubricant, such as wax or peanut oil, and apply it to the gear of the lock head. Then pull the pull lock several times, so that the lubricant can enter the gear, so that the pull head back to normal.


4. Supplement the missing teeth: Sometimes the teeth of the puller head will be lost or worn, resulting in the puller can not be closed properly. You can use alternative materials to fill in the missing teeth, such as string, small pieces of plastic or wire. These materials are glued to the gap in the pull lock so that it can be snapped correctly.

Matters needing attention

Note that these methods may work for some small pull-up problems, but not for all cases. If the lock head is severely damaged or cannot be repaired, it is best to consider replacing the entire zipper. In some cases, it may be necessary to seek the help of a professional tailor or repair