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LOL the strongest single walkthrough

2018-05-08 08:00:07

In the League of Legends, lol is the most important thing in a single game, and he needs to shoulder the responsibility of driving the rhythm of the whole game. Zhongshan's excellent play can ensure that the team has a stable AP output, so as to win the game. Who is the strongest lol in the single, we listed the 10 strongest heroes in the single hero, perhaps the strongest lol in your mind AP is among them.


LOL full level one


The hero ownership rate is over 80 percent


Top10: Dead warriors list reason: strong consumption line ability in the early stage of the Q W has considerable damage disadvantages: the early stage of the line encountered remote small outbreak control can only shrink. The ability of regiment combat is only mediocre


Top1: Snake woman selected reason: Q consumption ability is very strong. Q and W acceleration and deceleration using grass and walk position can give you extreme reverse kill! E If poisoned 0.5 seconds of CD time counts as a small outbreak but! If you keep Q, it's an outbreak! This kind of power. What a horror! R Skill This is a supernatural skill and when used properly it is normal to destroy a group. Snake Girl This version is not every aspect is very worthy of Top1 Many people may turn their nose up at this ranking version, but I want to say that snake girl top is very consistent with the actual ranking may not be very good. I'm not very satisfied with such as the death song angel these strong are not counted, but the strongest of the single snake woman deserved!


Top4: Fire man selected reason: Once the line bully 2 level as long as you are half blood he can completely E Q lit AA take you away. So you have to keep an eye on your blood volume. W's distance as well as Q's vertigo and R's bounce make him a good player in both single and group battles. Disadvantages: If you need to predict Q is not correct, Burning Man's deterrent will be much less.


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