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Look at the competitive era of laser leveling machine how to "good"

2018-04-12 14:24:51

The Times are changing, society is progressing, and our machinery is also progressing.


Project background: In today's era, all walks of life have entered a period of rapid development, then, in this process must not be smooth sailing. Slowly a lot of potential problems have appeared. Take our construction machinery as an example, traditional machinery has been too old, due to various external reasons, and cause damage to mechanical equipment. This is especially true of our practical concrete laser levelling machines in the floor industry. The particularity of the working environment and the equipment are often drenched in rain and sun, which makes the laser levelling machine have a variety of problems. Now, our role in the machinery is not only that it can work, but also pay more attention to its efficiency and quality, and then extend the after-sales service of the machinery.


How to fix it: Since there is a problem, let's fix it. We know, not what kind of products, we pursue is a high quality. Innovation is now a very common phenomenon, so the industry must continue to innovate in order to survive in this era of competition. Natural selection, already aging machinery must face elimination. So, in my opinion, the three Ren machinery is very thorough in this regard. They have improved the equipment on the basis of the original machinery, and created a self-diagnosis system for equipment failure to help customers find the fault in time, and the touch screen will always monitor the working status of the equipment. They know how to survive this way.


Nowadays, many companies do not pay attention to after-sales service, and often react in a timely manner or without a response. Then miss the best maintenance time, let your beloved equipment idle, or even scrapped, resulting in huge losses. We need to know, now the tertiary industry, if not to do a good job after sales, who will become repeat customers? Therefore, the three Ren machinery this one-stop service is still doing very well, put forward the "three one" commitment, that is, "a quarter of an hour response, a day to arrive, a day to solve." Think of the customer's thinking, urgent customer's urgent, in the first time to arrive at the scene, the customer's laser leveling machine maintenance. If your equipment is older, there is also a trade-in activity, so that you do not have a loss, so that you will get a second use of it.