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Maintenance of gas-liquid booster cylinder: oil replenishment and exhaust treatment

2018-05-01 04:48:24

The gas-liquid pressurization cylinder uses gas-liquid combination pressurization, so how do we add hydraulic oil?


Gas-liquid booster cylinder


jR-VG68# Anti-wear hydraulic oil Hydraulic oil


When installing the working piston of the pneumatic hydraulic booster cylinder, it is also necessary to pay attention to certain rules for filling oil. When we write down the exhaust cover plate, we should pay attention to whether there is a problem with the insurance wire. When operating the oil filler, be careful not to retain air in the oil filler and ensure that there is no air inside. The threaded interface of the oil injection gun should be linked to the oil injection nozzle and should be manually tightened. When replenishing the oil, it is necessary to inject the oil without bubbles to the extent that it overflows from the U-hole. There are no air bubbles in the memory of the gas-liquid booster cylinder, and some tools are generally used to let the oil emerge. The exhaust bolt should be slightly loosened to let the oil spill, and then tightened again when there is no air bubble. Make sure the exhaust cover of the gas-hydraulic booster cylinder is properly covered. When the indicator of the oil gauge is accurate, the end of the oil refill can be confirmed.


When the gas-liquid booster cylinder is working, the piston should be loaded with water, which also requires certain rules, and the exhaust cover plate of the safety wire should be removed, which is also the place that needs to pay attention to maintenance. When operating the grease gun, be careful that there is no air remaining in the soft. In fact, this rule is similar to the above rules, mainly in order to make the gas-liquid booster cylinder more durable. The rules of filling oil are very fixed, and the exhaust cover plate of the gas-liquid booster cylinder needs to be moved frequently, and it is also necessary to pay attention to whether it is covered well before operation. When we use it, we must pay attention to the poles, whether the oil gauge indication of the gas-liquid booster cylinder is normal, whether there is oil leakage, whether the soft thread interface of the oil injection gun, whether it is manually tightened, and whether there are bubbles inside. As long as the attention is in place, there is basically no problem.


In the industry, the hydraulic oil used in the general booster cylinder is VG68 #. When adding, it should be noted that the hydraulic oil should not be in contact with water, which will make the hydraulic oil emulsified and metamorphic, thus losing the original viscosity, which will make the booster cylinder spray oil, and do not exceed the vernier line when adding oil. The problem of leaking oil in the pressurized cylinder should be determined according to the use time of the pressurized cylinder and the specific injection position, which is generally caused by the damage of the seal of the pressurized cylinder.

Matters needing attention

Add hydraulic oil in the correct way according to the instructions


Use the corresponding hydraulic oil correctly