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Market trend of Anguo Chinese medicinal materials before and after the winter solstice

2018-05-11 00:00:08

Angelica Angelica, small batch walking, relatively stable, the current market contains wet stubble goods in 7.5-8 yuan. Paeoniae Paeoniae, the production decline, businesses to strengthen its attention, Chen goods three or four class goods in 18-19 yuan. Honeysuckle, the origin is smooth, the market is rising steadily, and the white flower is 95-110 yuan. Cat claw grass Cat claw grass, this year's output is large, continued to decline, businesses are not strong on its attention, the market at 90-110 yuan. Dauphin ginseng, the origin of small recovery, the market supply is generally moving, small unified goods price 40-45 yuan. North sand ginseng, maintain stable, the current market goods around 15 yuan. Baizi Renbai Ren, relatively stable, business attention to its strength is not strong, 95 goods in 100-105 yuan. Nepeta Nepeta spike, the market supply is generally moving, remain firm, the current new goods in 30-35 yuan. Salvia miltiorrhiza, the new production is still continuing, the origin has risen slightly, and the market is about 13 yuan. Motherwort Leonurus, with the reduction of the wild, the market is stable and firm, and the unified goods are 2.8-3.5 yuan. The new production of North sand ginseng is basically over, the recent new goods are concentrated on the market, the large goods are sold slowly, the price is weak, the unified goods are 15-16 yuan, and the inner Mongolian goods are about 30 yuan, affected by the increase in work value, and the space is limited. Curcuma Curcuma this year, the number of new goods, the right market sales blocked, the market large goods go sales fast, unified goods about 9 yuan, the goods are relatively good about 10 yuan. Since dry ginger entered the substantial digestion stage, the market supply has slowed down and temporarily stabilized at 19 yuan, although there is a good production cut this year, but the market inventory is still large, and the future market is stable. Licorice price stability, grass about 10 yuan, Bingding goods 12-13 yuan, quality selection 17-18 yuan. The price of bean root is stable, about 11 yuan for unified goods in Inner Mongolia, and about 17 yuan for decoction pieces. Gansong Gansong market less goods, after a slight increase to stabilize, unified goods 22 yuan, drink pieces at about 28 yuan. Qianhu Qianhu, this year's production reduction, the market has risen, the goods between 34-38 yuan. Huai Yams, the supply is generally walking around, and the price of medicine is now 9-10 yuan. Shanyu meat, the market inventory is still abundant, Chen goods at about 30 yuan, the current market to buy businesses are not many. Atractylodes, mostly small batch walking, relatively stable, half hit leather goods in 38-40 yuan. Dodder dodder, new production has continued, the market has risen steadily in recent days, washed goods at 43 yuan. Huangbai Huangbai, because the price is not high this year, the production area is not large, the market price of 16.5-17 yuan. Wild chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, the harvest has ended, the overall production of new goods this year is not large, the market high-quality pellet goods in 27-28 yuan. Small varieties, the market is stable, the supply of small batches of goods is smooth, the unified goods are 5-6 yuan, the market inventory is general, but the sales volume is relatively small, and the future market is stable. Achyranthes ranthes planting area in various producing areas this year has been reduced, the market new goods transactions are smooth, temporarily stable, unified goods 8-9 yuan, goods 11-12 yuan, Sichuan Achyranthes Ranthes price firm, unified goods 14-15 yuan. In order to stock up, the market has slowed down in the near future, the market has stabilized after a slight decline, and the unified goods are 12-13 yuan, because the sales are relatively small, the market is stable. Acanthopanax market supply is generally sold, maintain stability, rod goods 11-13 yuan, high-quality root goods 28-30 yuan, rich producing areas, the market should be relatively stable. The volume of new goods this year has been a consensus, the market to receive less people, big goods go late, the price is weak, small goods about 50 yuan, 55-60 yuan, high quality large selection of goods 65-70 yuan, because of the high price of goods in the hands of merchants, low prices, the future market may still be shaken.