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Massage the five key points every day to help you nourish the liver

2018-03-24 08:00:24

The liver is an important detoxification organ of the human body and has a biological transformation effect on many non-nutritive substances from the body and in vitro, such as various drugs, poisons and some metabolites in the body. Therefore, in daily life, we should pay attention to reducing the burden on the liver, increasing liver nutrition and improving liver blood supply. Therefore, to protect the liver and nourish the liver, often massage the following points, which help to nourish the liver:


Massage the five key points every day to help you nourish the liver


1. Dadun Point: Dadun point is located next to the toenail seam on the inside of the big toe. "Dun" means thick, and "Da dun" means extra thick. Datun point is another well point, "well" is the meaning of the source. There is a "big dun" point outside the second toe of the toe of the toe. The Datun point can be selected in a sitting or supine position. The Datun point is located about 2 mm from the edge of the nail root of the big toe (on the side of the second toe). "Dadun Point" can be massaged, can also be moxibustion, can achieve the effect of clearing the liver and brightening the eyes, can make your mind clear, refreshed.


2. Taichong Point: The Taichong point is located on the dorsal side of the foot, in the depression before the first and second metatarsal joints. Taichong point is one of the important points on the liver meridian of the human foot Jueyin, is the original point of the liver meridian, about equivalent to the storage of liver meridian vitality warehouse, massage to stimulate the Taichong point, can mobilize the vitality of the liver meridian well, so that the liver function is normal.


3. Interline point: The "interline point" is located on the big toe and second toe stitches. It is a fire hole, the liver belongs to wood, wood fire, if your liver fire is too strong, it will drain its heart fire. The "Xingjian point" is an acupoint for relieving heart fire. Spring liver fire is full, knead more "Xingjian point", you can spread the heart fire from here.


4, liver Shu point: Liver Shu point on the back, the 9th thoracic spine under the spinous process, next to open 1.5 inches, is the back of the liver Shu point, is the liver's vitality in the back of the body gathered into the "pool", liver Shu is an indispensable health point to nourish the liver. The combination of liver Shu and Taichong belongs to the "Yu Yuan matching point" method in traditional Chinese medicine, which can tonify liver Yin, nourish liver and soften liver. Its method is prone position, under the ninth thoracic spine spinous process, tendon contraction (Du pulse) next to open 1.5 inches of points.


5. Taixi Point: Taixi Point is located in the inner part of the foot, the depression between the rear of the medial ankle and the tendon of the heel bone. That's the hollow between the medial ankle of the foot and the Achilles tendon. Double measure symmetry, which is two. This health point is the original point of the kidney, and it is the warehouse that stores the vitality of the kidney. Liver belongs to wood, kidney belongs to water, trees need water to grow healthily, so nourishing liver must nourish Yin. Using Taixi to mobilize the function of the kidney can better "enrich water and cull wood".

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Massage the five key points every day to help you nourish the liver