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May Day travel guide

2018-03-20 11:12:00

It is one of the economic zones of our country, not only the economic development but also a lot of travel, so the 51 go to travel what fun place? Experience is described below for reference.


Identification card




Means of transportation


People's Square + Road People's Square is a small park, but free can also go around the high-rise buildings, like to hold buildings can by the way, the road needless to say the bustling area, but remember to be careful about the flow of people oh.


1, walk along the road to the river is the park, watch Lujiazui and pearl Tower is the best place, also do not have tickets, by the way, the night view is also very beautiful can choose to go in the afternoon, after dinner in the evening to take two pictures of the night view. 2, swim yellow with a group or buy a ferry ticket online a lot of here is not much to say, mainly to spend some money.


Yu Garden + Park (you can go to the park after eating dinner and then go back to the park) 1, the park is a very small park but go to have a look with the Yu Garden neighbors. 2, Yu Garden is like the style of garden, people are more lively, anyway, just stroll around to buy snacks.


Lujiazui + Century Park 1, take the subway, like you can go on the Pearl Tower, enjoy the scenery of the metropolis. 2, Century Park can also go to see it.


Disney resort Disney has nothing to say, online booking or buy directly can be suitable for lovers or a family to go together, silver is recommended.


Happy Valley + Sculpture Park is more affordable than Disney, just like the general Happy Valley, the park in the vicinity of the early can first visit the park.


The seaside park economy is more developed, the seaside park has Wusong fortress wetland park and forest park, if you have time to go to see.