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Mazda 6 will be greatly changed, super appearance, 100 km fuel consumption of only 4L

2018-02-22 19:12:00

The Mazda6 will have a major overhaul since it was discontinued, returning to a sporty look like a supercar.


The front grille is the mastermind design of the Mazda family, and the chrome-plated semi-enclosed grille is directly extended into the narrow headlamp interior, extending the extreme elite. At a glance, quite a cobra feeling, very aggressive! The muscular lines of the hood and bumper are powerful,


The tail is full of layers, and the duckling tail design is dynamic and plays a role in reducing wind resistance. Chrome throughout the taillights and the front face echo, the lower bumper lines and dual exhaust design, everywhere flowing sports "blood".


The new Mazda6 will also introduce Chuangchi Blue Sky technology to greatly improve fuel efficiency, with a fuel consumption of only 4L per 100 km. That is to say, one tank of fuel can run 1,000 kilometers, which is comparable to hybrid power.


According to Japanese media reports, the new generation of Mazda 6 will offer three power configurations, Skyactiv-G2.0, Skyactiv-G2.5 and Skyactiv-D2.2. The 2.0L gasoline engine can provide 170PS/216Nm power output; 2.5L is 210PS/275Nm; The 2.2L diesel engine is 190PS/441Nm.


It is reported that the new greatly revised Mazda6 will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show this year, and it is expected to be launched in 2018! One netizen said: "The Mazda6 revamp is so handsome, I will buy it on the market!"