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Meizu MX5 replacement motherboard removal detailed tutorial

2018-01-02 19:12:00
Meizu MX5 motherboard problems can not open the machine or want to directly replace the motherboard to increase memory, hands-on friends or want to try to replace their own motherboard friends, this article will be a great help, the article is accompanied by Meizu MX5 machine replacement motherboard tutorial, you can download and watch

Meizu MX5 motherboard


Service kit


First, turn off our MX5 phones. Shutdown is to reduce the risk of disassembly.


Using a Pentagon screwdriver, unscrew the two pentagon screws at the bottom of the phone. PS: The purchase of motherboard will generally be given a supporting disassembly tool.


Using the card pin, remove the card. PS: Because the structure of the phone is different, it is best to take out the card in advance.


Use suction cups to separate the screen assembly from the body. PS: Because the screen assembly and the body fit tightly, more times. Be careful not to use brute force.


Slowly lift up the screen as shown in the picture, careful of the lines on the back of the screen.


Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws securing the screen cables and remove the shielding cover. Using a removing pry bar, remove the three cable connectors (cable clasp) and separate the screen assembly from the body


Remove the screws from the motherboard and use the picks to remove the volume bar and sensor bar from the motherboard. PS: Motherboard screws are divided into two types, arranged and distributed as shown below.


Slowly lift the motherboard from the right side, see the signal cable in the lower left corner of the motherboard, and remove it. The mainboard is successfully removed. Procedure


Remove the front, rear camera and other accessories from the old motherboard and install them on the new motherboard.


Reinstall the assembled motherboard on the body, fix the screws and connect the wiring.


Connect the screen assembly to the motherboard, boot test whether the function is normal.


Check that the function is normal. Fasten the screen and body together, tighten the bottom two pentagon screws with a Pentagon screwdriver, and install the card.

Matters needing attention

Be careful when using the separate screen and body, do not use brute force


Take care of the screws and accessories when removing the motherboard


Motherboard screws must be clear, there are two kinds of screws. One is brighter.


When gently lifting the motherboard, pay attention to the signal cable in the lower left corner