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Mid-Autumn Festival Travel Guide

2018-03-20 12:48:00

Mid-Autumn Festival Travel Guide






From ancient to prosperous, from the seashore to the mountains, dependent on each other, do not go to the recommended scenic spot: recommended reasons: red tile green trees blue sea blue wonderful, in the sea and the city combination. In this more and more attention to the north along the clear air, go on a road, you will feel the taste of it. From ancient to prosperous, from the seashore to the mountains, the sea comes together, and the continuous do not go. First, I saw the misty sea fog in the morning, and accidentally found that behind the sea fog, there was the sea. The trestle bridge, standing in the sea fog has not had time to cover the place, quietly, let the sea beat, let the city around, grasp the ancient lighthouse, reflected into the scene.


Surrounded by mountains and rivers, lush and green, accompanied by farmhouses, there are two different wind mountains, namely Yulong Snow Mountain and Lao, Yulong Snow Mountain is a national scenic area, provincial nature reserve and tourism development zone, with an area of about 26,300 hectares. There are the nearest modern Marine glaciers in the Northern hemisphere from the equator, more than 20 intact primitive forest communities and 59 rare wild animals distributed in the scenic spot, known as the "glacier museum" and "treasure house of animals and plants". It is the core scenic spot of "Three rivers flowing together", with a total area of 842.64 square kilometers. There are unique Danxia landform, dense virgin forest and rich species of undamaged flora and fauna in the area. There are over 280 kinds of seed plants in 79 families and 167 genera, many of which are rare and endangered plants.


Mountain green and charming, water clear crystal; Mountain by water, water around the mountain, trees in the water long, water in the forest flow, mountains and rivers, forest and water close, beautiful scenery, quiet environment is a masterpiece of nature. Mountain green and charming, water clear crystal; Mountain by water, water around the mountain, trees in the water long, water in the forest flow, mountains and rivers, forest water blind date, beautiful scenery, quiet environment. It is a combination of color beauty, shape beauty, sound beauty in one integrated beauty, primitive beauty harmony and unity, can be said to be the highest realm of human landscape aesthetic law.


Maldives blue sea and blue sky, red chair, Xufeng pavilion, delicious coconut water Maldives is an archipelago country, entertainment is also based on water activities, diving is the best choice, in addition, paddling, surfing, windsurfing, etc., are tense and exciting sports; You can also visit the island by canoe or clipper boat; Fishing in a canoe late at night or in the early hours of the morning, diving to the bottom of the sea in a fiberglass bottom boat to see the fish, and experiencing a completely different experience. Each island has a wide variety of sports for visitors to choose from.


Several peaks stand tall, shrouded in clouds, the vast West Sea, Shilin world in the Shentang Bay travel, you will find the bay deep, mysterious. What is more surprising is that as long as people approach the edge of the bay, there will be a faint sound in the ears of gongs and drums, people Shouting and horses hiss, as if thousands of troops are fighting hard. Every spring and summer lunar month, the long rain at eight or nine o 'clock in the evening, the full moon seen in the Tianzi Mountain Moon Ya is red, just like the morning sun, blood red, emitting a red halo, the He Long Park, Shijia Eave, Shentang Bay area lit red, this phenomenon can last for more than an hour.


Happy Valley big paradise, small paradise, let the surprise stimulus everywhere, let the laughter is full of ear park project experience thrilling excitement! Happy Valley has China's first Mega roller coaster, China's first set of double dragon roller coaster combination design, China's longest double lift mining truck, China's first top bin rotating flight island, China's largest screen 4D cinema, China's first space shuttle and other 16 sets of international top large-scale entertainment facilities and equipment.


The beautiful sunset is so unshaped area is regulated by the Marine climate, there is no hot summer in summer and no cold in winter, and the number of days in a year when the maximum temperature exceeds 30 ° C is only 7.6 days on average. The summer temperature is lower than 3-7℃, and there are gusts of sea breeze blowing, it is more cool and pleasant. In winter, under the influence of the Bohai Sea warm current, the minimum temperature rarely falls below minus 10℃. The favorable climate provides the prerequisite for becoming a tourist destination suitable for all seasons.


1, when taking the bus, fasten the seat belt, pay attention not to change the seat at will, in order to prevent sudden braking or sudden acceleration resulting in fall; Do not put your head and hands out of the window, and pay attention to the front and back vehicles when getting on and off to avoid danger. 2 When taking an airplane, you should pay attention to flight safety, buckle your seat belt, and do not use portable mobile and other related electronic products during the takeoff and landing of the airplane. 3 When crossing the street or street, pay attention to road traffic safety, observe traffic and traffic lights, and walk on the sidewalk. 4 Do not carry large amounts of cash and valuables when traveling; Valuables such as ID cards, passports, credit cards, video cameras should be kept safe and never out of sight when carrying them or in a wine safe. 5 Before each check-out, check your luggage, pay special attention to your documents and some valuable property, and ensure that all your things are packed up. 6 When shopping and spending on leisure and entertainment or waiting for the bus, pay attention to the safety of your own property, keep invoices or vouchers, and do not count banknotes in public when shopping to avoid being seen by thieves. 7. Pay attention to your health when traveling. Your body is the capital of travel. Do not eat raw food, raw seafood, peeled fruit, roadside stalls do not eat, go to restaurants with formal business licences to eat, do not overeat, drink more boiled water, eat more vegetables and fruits. 8 When visiting scenic spots, you need to consciously abide by the travel regulations of the visiting places, prohibit smoking, do not spit, do not litter and do not enter the non-visiting tourist area without consent to take photos, put an end to these bad behaviors, and be a quality person. 9 In climbing or rock climbing activities that need to climb high places, it is necessary to prevent injuries from falling accidentally, and to prevent feet from being stabbed by sharp objects or bitten by snakes and insects in mountain areas. 10 When walking on high places or cable trestles, you need to hold the railing or cable to prevent you from accidentally falling down; Do not crowded chase, tread carefully empty; Beware of falling over steps and narrow, slippery sections. 11 If there are stimulating activities during the tour, do not participate in the condition of poor health. People with heart disease, lung disease, asthma, and high blood pressure should not engage in water and high-altitude activities to prevent physical discomfort and lead to major diseases. 12 When communicating and playing with tourists and local residents, we should pay attention to civilized behavior, treat people politely, pay attention to the way of speaking and inquiring, respect local customs, and understand local customs in advance. 13 According to different seasons, regions, travel methods, it is best to bring personal protective equipment, such as tissues, clothes, folding umbrellas, sunscreen, etc. Spare medicine, such as motion sickness medicine, wind oil, wind oil, cold medicine, etc.; As well as glasses, travel binoculars and so on. 14. When traveling with friends or family, do not walk away alone to prevent getting separated; If you get separated, stay where you are and wait for family or friends to find you. Or call the police. Use the radio to find it. 15 When participating in water activities such as speedboats, wear a life jacket to prevent falling into the water, and carefully follow the guidance of the staff and pay attention to safety. 16 When playing at the seaside, pay attention to the high tide, do not exceed the safety cordon, if you are not familiar with the water, do not go into the water alone.

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