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Mid-Autumn Festival Travel Guide - a trip not to be missed

2018-03-25 04:48:27

Good season, wish to year after year, common autumn moon. The poet's wish is the wish of the world, and I would like to have the opportunity to enjoy the autumn moon every year, and the people who accompany you to enjoy the moon every year have not changed. In, and these three cities, where can you choose to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival?


Coconut Dream Promenade is a coastal avenue built along the bay, known as the "first Avenue in Asia", which is more than 20 kilometers long. The Coconut Dream Promenade has residential buildings and wine on one side, and coconut groves, deep blue sea and white crescent beach on the other side. Standing barefoot on the beach, or sitting cross-legged on the beach, looking at the horizon of the moon, talking and laughing with friends and relatives, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the need is such a happy atmosphere.


The big memory of the moon hanging over the big night sky was so bright and clear... Big carries our too many memories, whether it is the vast sea or the soft beach, have left us and our friends memories.


Yaya is a quiet and nice place away from the city. Of course, the reputation of Asia, some areas will inevitably gather a large number of people, away from the crowd of bustling places, looking for a quiet corner, quietly enjoy the moon, enjoy the temporary peace.


Luhuitou Park Here is the best place to enjoy the night scenery, the distant light and shadow flow of the island, the brightly lit bay, the colorful downtown, you can have a panoramic view. In such a place, the moon is also excellent, standing on high, as if closer to the bright moon than others.

Method/Step 2

Boao moon can also be very literary petty bourgeois. Sitting in the sea story bar decorated with old wooden boats and broken fishing nets facing the sea, or the old house bar featuring old walls and tiled house elements, or sitting in the exquisite modern Boao No. 9 bar, comfortable in a tipsy, with the horizon of the moon deep feeling.


The moon can also be very idyllic. Tower ocean with the moon scenic spot, a wang of blue water, can fishing, can swing; Greenway pavilions, you can walk and admire the moon. Longshouyang ten thousand mu field park, rice field lotus fields are customs, the field has a plank road for rest and stroll.


When is the white stone ridge moon, the wine asked the sky. Standing on the white stone mountain surrounded by grotesque rocks and clouds, read this sentence, more heroic.

Method/Step 3

The green grass is also the perfect place to enjoy the moon, full of green eyes and moonlight like water, are the elements that can make people calm.


Enjoying the moon while barbecuing at the beach on holiday, I want to have a try. On one side is the white full moon, on the other side is the fragrance of barbecue, which is the romance of foodies.

Matters needing attention

Life still needs some rituals, clean up clean dress up to enjoy the moon such a ceremony, can make the mood refreshed.