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Miss the landscape, miss the food

2018-03-04 06:24:00

Eleven this year to travel a trip, so far to the beautiful scenery, food linger. For the foodie of me, think of the food can not help but drool oh!!! I know you can't keep up, and those who want to go can first learn about the various kinds of food. Let me tell you more about it. City's best just stinky tofu: Sand pond around the three rounds (at least 10 years of history! Almost all the children in Dongtang grew up on his dried seeds! By the way, there's a fried stinky tofu at the end of bus 146, which is also good.) About the laid-off card smelly dried in the alley of 14 is becoming more and more famous, and their range is also large, not only 14 probably until 23, 13 between the wide range have heard ~ oh do not queue oh. The city's best sugar oil oil Baba: Li Gong Temple (in addition, there are many homes that are good: one behind Bandai, inside the street...) The city's best onion oil Baba: A wet market in Shatang street is Shaoshan Road, every morning business is very good! (But the boss has a problem, when you do not apply, fried taste is very light, like to eat the taste of the key friends must apply for the boss to add a little salt!) The city's best just fort rice: The people opposite the geological correction I mainly push and then about 50 meters next to there is also a, although the environment is not as good as the people, but I heard that the taste exceeds the people you must try. Then Chigang Chong Padi Middle School there is a bao Zai rice is also very good, the boss is also particularly polite. City of the best just taste shrimp: Hexi Yuwan City what fat name I forgot, because this place is also need luck, the first time to eat crazy delicious, shrimp inside the oil water can not be said to be oil water, is completely sauce look!! The best barbecue in the city: Needless to say, it must be the barbecue of the sand pond, dry pot street ~ ~ cheap, and good taste!! The best just wonton in the city: The best just wonton is a person who carries a burden every day from the pear Mountain of the old vegetable market in the sand pond, and only the sand pond mouth goes into the barbecue street to have a wonton taste good. The city's best just hot and sour powder: Walking street division door there to the number of the second! (It was the one that used to be outside, but has since moved inside. It's a nice place to sit, and has hot chocolate juice!) The city's best just the brine: on the road, there was an uncle's age man carrying a small wooden box all day, going through all the clothing fronts, asking if he wanted the brine, he only had 4 kinds: duck neck, duck belly slices, chicken legs and chicken wings. The city's best steamed dishes: Street one of the city's best duck racks and cheap noodles: Sand Pond Barbecue Street there! The city's best duck tongue: Golden Age, near the pavilion. There are a lot of delicious food, I will not introduce, introduce the app on the AppStore "Taste" to you. It is the best food guide, a favorite of seasoned foodies, take this book and eat it all. Local snacks are one of the most attractive shining points of local characteristics, attracting a lot of out-of-town diners, including me. Ha ha ha!! You guys should get on board. 1, taste dishes common characteristics: taste heavy, spicy, simple environment, diners Yingmen 1, no famous restaurant, into the alley into the third is also good, 蔡锷南路 Shangri-La bar. 2, chili fried meat, there is no sign, famous for chili fried meat, chicken soup is also very good to drink. North road silver Garden seafood right side. 3, old Tianfu, south of Guangji Bridge near the Department of Finance. 4, Zhao Ji, in fact, should be called "money four taste chicken", specialties: taste chicken, taste frog, next to the computer city. 5, Star sand, in the small alley behind the Hongxiang building next to the province. Speciality: Eel and fried beans. 6, a jar old. The Vanguard Hall, the only fish in the egg. 7, Sanwei food house, here is a good place for disaster, the boss personally sit on the table, accompany to eat and drink with the disaster, what do you want to do, really feel at home, Xiang Chun Road ugly garden hotel opposite, bamboo yellow duck called, cilantro salad kidney. 2, local characteristics 1, Liuyang steamed vegetables (1) the first "North America", Zuojiatang Amiling, most of the steamed vegetables. Recommendation: Various soups taste good. Be sure to try the mountain wine in the cask. (2) There is also a steamed restaurant near the Himalayas. 3, Blood duck Guangji bridge to the bottom of the direction, there are two eat blood duck, do not remember the name, are very delicious. 4, Alms (1) Dafeng and (2) Guo 5, yellow duck (1) orange head. (2) South Bridge, at the bottom of Hexi Bridge, there are several boats. It used to be eaten on a boat called "Stone mound", and then another one called "Zhang Lisi" was opened next to it, which was also good. Features: Fish, river shrimp, mussels. 3, other features 1, pig feet, Hexi Yinhong community "pig feet king", very spicy, be careful 2, braised meat, Hou Jiatang "imperial", braised meat fat but not greasy, soft meat. 3, barbecue, Osha stadium opposite "two double days" 4, Xianggan, Catalpa Garden road "world Ping restaurant", on the opposite side of the catalpa garden road right walk not far 5, porridge, south gate "a porridge" 6, fish head, two ring line "Linden tree" 7, mutton, people's family: Shao road to Changtan high-speed intersection, instant-boiled mutton is great, better than "little sheep" delicious. Every time halfway through the meal, someone would come out with a huge, yellow pot -- the crust of a big pot -- and everyone would rush to break off a piece. 8, stir-fried dried bird, building signature dish.