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Mobile phone motherboard broken can repair?

2018-01-02 12:48:00
[Mobile phone motherboard is broken can be repaired] Some children's shoes mobile phone accidentally fell or water can not be used normally or even can not be turned on, they suspect that there is a problem with the mobile phone motherboard but are not sure whether the mobile phone motherboard can be repaired. This problem is deeply experienced in IT encyclopedia, because Xiaobian has experienced damage to the mobile phone motherboard. So mobile phone motherboard broken can repair?

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If only some components of the mobile phone motherboard are loose or damaged, the probability of repair is very large. For example, a certain strip on the motherboard is broken or the camera is damaged, which can be repaired by replacing the strip or camera components. If the mobile phone motherboard because of water or power surge causes the entire circuit to burn out, the probability of mobile phone motherboard repair is very low. Even if it can be repaired, the repair cost is still very large, so in this case, it is generally recommended to replace the entire motherboard directly.


Mobile phone motherboard broken data may save some children's shoes because the mobile phone motherboard damage can not read the data in the mobile phone (such as work documents, wechat chat records, photos and videos, etc.), this situation can go to the after-sales point to confirm whether the flash memory chip on the motherboard is damaged, if intact is able to weld the flash memory chip to the new motherboard to obtain the original data. However, not all mobile phone repair points provide this service, so it is necessary to ask about the service before processing.


If the flash memory chip has been damaged, the possibility of data recovery is very slim. Because the flash memory chip due to its own structure, once damaged again difficult to recover. Therefore, Xiaobian here reminds you that you should regularly backup the data of mobile phones or other mobile devices, so that even if the mobile phone motherboard is broken, you do not have to worry about data recovery, and advance preparation is the correct way to resist the unknown.

Matters needing attention

The above is a detailed introduction of whether the mobile phone motherboard can be repaired, and more attention is paid to the knowledge and skills of mobile phone hardware