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Mom and Dad are getting old

2018-03-24 09:36:03

Mom and dad are old, old, hard half a life, filial piety parents from now on, shoulder the burden of the family ---------------- night shift, my day


Father, Father


Mother, mother


Sons, daughters, children


My parents are 60 years old this year, and they are married, and they have a baby, to take care of their own small family, but also to take into account the parents are older, and write their own night shift during the day, not occasionally, but every time they are on the night shift. The night shift has more free time, sometimes you can take a nap, and you have energy to do more housework during the day


There are school students at home, come home from work in the morning and start to make breakfast, and sometimes the night before, prepare the ingredients for the convenience of cooking in the morning, call the parents and children to get up to eat, and wash the dishes after eating


Winter is cold, parents will not drive, riding a bike is not safe and cold, eat dinner, send their children to school


Ask parents what to eat at noon, cook, pick up the child from school, wash the dishes after dinner, send the child to school


Accompany mother to buy food, want to eat what, buy what food, do not care about him, buy food themselves think,


Pick up the child from school in the afternoon, cook, wash the dishes, accompany the child to do homework, go to the parents' room to see what is not, what things to account for, prepare the next morning breakfast


Take a break from the rest of the day. I have to work at night

Matters needing attention

Can do their own, have the time to do, do their own, although parents cook and wash dishes still capable


It was a day shift on my night shift, purely personal experience