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Mountain self-help tour guide

2018-04-06 14:24:10

The mountain, located in the northeast of the province, is the northern end of the Taihang Mountain system. Cross-regional counties, counties, Yuanping county, county, Friday hundreds of miles. Taihuai Town, 90 kilometers from the county, 160 kilometers from the city, 240 kilometers from the provincial capital. The mountain has always been a popular choice for many pilgrims, and has also been favored by successive emperors. The mountain is one of the four mountains of Buddhism in China and is the ashram of Manjusri Bodhisattva. As the saying goes: gold, silver, copper emei, iron Jiuhua, it can be seen that the position of mountain gallery in Buddhism is unusual. It is the eternal wish of Buddhists to go through the five Daisies and walk through the mountain path, which has been practiced for 500 years. Today, go on a pilgrimage with the travel experts of the Business Travel Link 198.

Mountain self-help tour detailed guide

Ticket price: Mountain off-season ticket price: 140 yuan/person (November 1 to March 31 is the off-season) Mountain peak season ticket price: 168 yuan/person (April 1 to October 31 is the peak season) Mountain preferential policy students, the disabled and the elderly over 60 years old voucher discount; Children (height below 1.2m), active soldiers, disabled revolutionary soldiers, elderly people over 70 years old (including 70 years old) and monks and nuns (with a warning certificate) are free of charge; Journalists, national level above writers, photographers, travel agency managers, tour guides and team drivers vouchers free of charge. Mountain eco-car charge: 50 yuan/person, 16 people or more groups discount price 40 yuan/person. Opening hours: 6:30-18:30


Transportation: The train has a direct air conditioning line to the mountain, the hard seat price is 70 yuan, one night to, friends in the south can come first, and then take the car from the mountain, about two hours, the ticket price is about 25. There are many cars and convenient transportation. Road from the field of tourists can come first, from the bus station there is a car to the mountain scenic spot, in Taihuai town and daily shuttle between. During the mountain June conference (early June to July 10th of the lunar calendar), it is the most visited time, and the counties and towns around the mountain have added tour buses to the mountain scenic spot. (This information is provided by Travel Information Travel expert)


Food: The mountain is a sacred place for Buddhism. It is absolutely forbidden to eat or expose meat and fish in the temple! But on the way to Taiwan, it's edible. Bring food that is high in calories and easy to carry. If you want to eat vegetarian in the Tai Ding temple, you can bring less food as appropriate, but it may not be very timely. You can bring some instant noodles, cooked food, beef jerky, food, milk, salad dressing and fruit.


Live: Since it is the Taiwan, there is no need to bring a tent, the top of the platform during the Dharma will have a lot of pilgrims stay, the quilt may not be enough, and the top of the temple more wet and cold bedding, so it is strongly recommended to bring their own cotton sleeping bags and waterproof MATS. If you go to Taiwan for two days, what you say on the first day should go to Xidai before 18 o 'clock in the evening, because at 18 o 'clock, Xidai breaks the fast. The next day it would be better to walk from West Terrace to South Terrace. It is said that Gu Nan Tai can also stay, but we did not go to the site due to time problems. I hope later friends can go to see.


Travel advice: 1, in addition to Dongtai, Zhongtai, other can stay, so do not need to bring a tent. 2, choose a pair of comfortable shoes, the road is not difficult, but the shoes are not suitable, it can be a low-help lightweight type, but do not want shoes or cloth shoes, generally on foot will bubble. 3, the temperature difference on the platform is obvious, the wind is strong, there is rain at any time, and it is replaced at any time when needed. 4, no matter how you are, thank you, goodbye, are "Amitabha Buddha". 5, be ready to change, there is no business shop, eat and stay with you need change, if you are willing to large denomination into the merit box, of course, no one is opposed.