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Mountain tourism fragrant guide

2018-02-20 03:12:00

The mountain stands in the vast ocean to the east of the bay, facing the world-famous fishing port Shenjiamen across the sea. It is one of the four Buddhist mountains in China and is also the famous Guanyin Dojo. It is known as the "sea and heaven Buddha country" and the "holy land". The island covers an area of 12.5 square kilometers and resembles a dark dragon lying in the sea. "There are celestial mountains on the sea, mountains in the void." The mountain, with its magic, sacred and mysterious, has become a famous tourist attraction at home and abroad.


Day 1: By car, visit Sanli Old Street, Wuling Gate, Pavilion


Day 2: In the morning to see the small house, Fenghao room, Yutai salt shop, after lunch to visit Chiang's mother tomb Road, Baoshu Hall, Snow Mountain scenic spot: Maitreya Buddha, Snow Dou Temple, General Zhang Xueliang's first detention ground, Miao, Qianzhangyan Waterfall.


Day 3: In the morning, take a car through the cross-sea Liandao Bridge to Zhujiajian speedboat pier, take a speedboat or boat to the national level 5 scenic spot Haitian Buddha mountain incense, tour Guangfu Zen Yuan, Zhengshan gate, coastal archway, purple bamboo forest, resleeping Buddha on the sea, worship the Goddess of Mercy Buddha, many, imperial monument Pavilion, Haiyin Pond, the largest temple Puji Zen Temple (35m), treasure Hall.


Day 4: After going to the mountain in the morning, visit Xinzi Stone, Yandan Cave, Meifu Nunnery, Pantuo Stone, nunnery, Lying cow stone, two turtle listening Fa Stone, Guanyin ancient Cave.


Day 5: After breakfast, take the ropeway on Foding Mountain to view the highest point of Buddhism, view the scenery of the islands from afar, visit Foding Mountain, Hui Ji Zen Temple, Carpinus tree, go down the mountain to Xiangyun Ancient Road, view Haitian Buddha State boulder, cloud Fushi, Fa Yu Zen Temple, beautiful beach - thousand steps sand scenic spot.

Matters needing attention

1, in the peak season such as Spring Festival, May Day, National Day, lunar February 19 (Guanyin birthday), June 19 (Guanyin day), September 19 (Guanyin day), pilgrims have rushed to the mountain into incense, to the mountain to book tickets in advance, booking rooms. It's best to travel on alternate peaks.


2, the camera to charge, it is best to take a bag, the camera is more convenient to put in the bag.


3. Pay attention to safety when taking photos in the seaside reef area, and pay attention to non-slip on rainy days. It's best to have a few people with you.


4, if you live in the mountain, want to go to Zhujiajian play one day, after buying the boat ticket to Zhujiajian, to the exit of the pier to sign a card, so that when you return to the mountain on the same day, you do not need to buy the mountain ticket. It'll save you money at the door.