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Mountain worship Buddha Guide

2018-03-19 20:48:44

The mountain is known as the "sea and heaven Buddha country", "holy land", and the mountain, lofty, Jiuhua Mountain and called the four mountains of Chinese Buddhism, is the Bodhisattva of Avalokiteshvara to educate sentient beings dojo. There are three major temples on the island: Puji Temple, Fayu Temple, Hui Ji Temple, as well as Pantuo Nunnery, nunnery, Guanyin, purple bamboo forest, refuse to go to Guanyin courtyard, short Gu holy trace, tide sound cave, Fanyin cave, two turtle listen to Fa stone, South and other places of interest. I started from June 11 to June 13, three days of mountain trip, mainly to the Buddha, the latest mountain Buddha guide to contribute to you.


A pair of comfortable shoes


A lighter


Lightweight backpack, umbrella


Water, vegetarian snacks


Day1, route: from the bullet train to the south, about 3 hours. Turn right at the South exit station, which is the new South bus Station. At the ticket hall of the bus station, buy Shenjiamen express, ticket 49 yuan, 2 hours to arrive Shenjiamen distribution. Then on the opposite side of the distribution take bus 27 road 6 stations to Zhujiajian Centipede Temple Pier Cihang Square, ticket 3 yuan, and then take a boat to Dashan, ticket 25 yuan. You can buy the mountain ticket at the place where you buy the ferry ticket, 160 yuan a person. There is an information desk opposite the stairs at the exit of the South Station, where you can ask the staff for a paper on how to take a bus to Cihang Square, or you can buy a bus ticket directly at the information desk, but I don't know if there will be more tickets than in the hall, the bus is a 15-minute flight, we arrived at the South Station at 12 o 'clock, and the ticket bought at the information desk is 13:50. More than an hour wasted.


Accommodation: Starting from 09:10 in the morning, travelling all the way to the mountain at more than 4 in the afternoon. While we were on the boat, I booked a B&B on the island on Qunar, and then I called the boss, and the boss will come out and pick you up. If it is not the peak season or weekends, I think you can not book a room online first, walk left or right after the pier about 5-10 minutes, you can see there are a lot of seafood stalls and guest houses on the roadside, just pick one. My advice is to stay close to the pier, so that it is convenient to get to the temples and take a boat out of the island, because there is a minibus stop on the pier, and there are buses to all the attractions. The station is just behind the temple.


Eat: Seafood stalls on the island are very kill people, before eating must ask the price of seafood stalls also do breakfast in the morning, soy milk, tofu flower, fried dough, sesame ball, sugar cake, noodles have, the price can also be, fried dough 2 yuan, tofu 5 yuan, sesame ball, sugar cake are 3 yuan, you can buy in the bag, when hungry dry food to eat good.


Day2: We are clockwise to visit the three major temples, so this morning's route is Puji Temple - Hui Ji Temple - Fa Yu Temple, go to the three temples first, Hui Ji Temple on the mountain, you can take the ropeway, return ticket is 70 yuan, single sale is 40 yuan, there is no other cheap tickets. Into the temple to buy coupons, it seems to be 5 yuan. Fayu Temple is under the mountain from Huiji Temple, and it is the largest of the three temples. Lunch in the Dharma rain temple to eat, first in the Dharma contact office to buy a meal ticket, 5 yuan a person, on a dish, how much to eat their own scoop, eat full, 10:30-11:30, over there is no. Huiji Temple to go up to the cableway we sit, down the mountain to walk down, go to the knees are broken, so it is still recommended that you can do the cableway do not go, save energy. The incense used to worship Buddha is bought in the small supermarket downstairs in the hostel, 10 yuan a barrel, buy a barrel is enough to use. Three fragrant fragrance is enough.


Day2: Afternoon by minibus from Fayu Temple to Fanyin Cave - Zizhu Forest - refused to go to Guanyin Courtyard - Guanyin - South - back to residence. These places are free. The minibus between temples is generally 10 yuan per person, and the one that is closer and takes only a few minutes is 5 yuan per person


There is Shancai Cave near Fanyin Cave, but I couldn't walk any more, so I didn't go. Refused to go to the front of Guanyin is a reef beach, play there, catch a small crab or something to rest.


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It was early to get back to the hotel, around four o 'clock, take a shower, and then go out for a bowl of vegetarian noodles, but it was really bad. After dinner, go to the beach and look at the night view. The temple is actually an old pier with a new pier next to it, which goes to Mount Loca. The legend of the holy trace: According to legend, there are two people across the ocean to the mountain incense, the ship near the dock, unfortunately little aunt "Tiangui" tide, ashamed of unclean, dare not get off the ship into the mountain. His sister-in-law, who was not blessed to make pilgrimage, asked her to stay in the boat waiting for her, and then went alone to the mountain to worship the Buddha. Near noon, the tide rose, the boat was separated from the shore, and the girl sat in the boat, hungry. At this time, I saw a village woman carrying rice blue walked to the dock, threw some stones into the tide, stepping on this stone came to the small and exquisite aunt ship, said that her sister-in-law into the fragrant to take her, said, put down the lunch box and left the ship. A short time later, her sister-in-law came back and asked about it, feeling strange. Suddenly remembered a moment ago when worshiping Buddha, looking at the rosette, I saw a wet coat of Guanyin's coat, and I had an Epiphany in my heart, originally this was a good deed done by Guanyin Bodhisattva. Because her sister-in-law had been "short aunt" at the pier, since then, the place where her sister-in-law berthing the boat was called "short aunt Road head", and the stone that he threw into the tide to step on when he sent food was called "short Aunt Holy trace".


Day3: Loga Mountain to Loga Mountain boat is one hour, the ferry ticket 70 yuan a person, go to check the ticket, return ticket is not checked. We leave at 7:10 in the morning, about a 10-minute boat ride, and we leave at 08:45 on the way back from a trip to Loca Mountain. So go to Loca mountain time is enough, afraid of peak season can not buy tickets. Along the mountain road all the way to the end, at the end of the great sense of Zen there is the son of Guanyin, want to seek the son can go to much bye.


Back at the hotel from Loca Mountain, we packed up and headed home. Two turtle listening to the law stone, heart word stone are in the West sky scenic spot, our foot strength is limited, but also in order to have enough time to move the car, so gave up the West Sky scenic spot. Key tips: 1, the mountain road is uphill, downhill, so wear a pair of thick non-slip soles, shock absorption effect is absolutely necessary, don't say I didn't remind you. 2, if you do not worship Buddha, Guangguang is in the mountain travel, then 3 days is more than enough. Into the island to buy tickets, 160 tickets, in order to avoid trouble, or live on the island convenient, after dinner, walk by the sea, look at the sunset, or good. 3, the lighter must be good, the three big temple inside is a little incense, many other places are not, can only point themselves. 4, water can be taken, can also be bought on the island, generally around the hostel, 2 yuan a bottle. But the ones around the scenic spot cost 10 yuan a bottle. 5, bring towels, hair dryers, generally do not provide towels, to bring their own. You can probably borrow a hairdryer from the boss, but I prefer to use my own. 6, do a good job of sunscreen, take an umbrella, sunny sun, rainy rain. The climate on the island is changeable, so be sure to check the weather ahead of time. We have three days, two cloudy days, the last day light rain. 7. The mountain is a sacred place for Buddhism, but it is not a tourist destination, so I do not recommend taking small children there. Seeing a lot of parents with strollers with children, it's just asking for it, who knows who's tired. 8, there are a lot of Buddhist objects on the island, the things in the temple are very cheap, but the true and false I do not understand. There are a lot of waxes out there, the prices are ridiculous, and there are fish eyes mixed, so it is not recommended to buy valuables on the island. 9, Puji Temple - Hui Ji Temple - Fa Yu Temple - Fanyin cave - Shancai cave - Zizhu forest - refused to go to Guanyin - Guanyin - Luojia Mountain - Xitian scenic area, in accordance with this order to play, is a circle of the route, basically can play. Take a ride where you can. Don't waste your energy. 10, the temple can not take photos, so a little convergence, good themselves the most important.