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Mushroom English: An efficient way to learn spoken English well

2018-01-03 03:12:00
Nowadays, with the development of society, international communication is becoming more and more important, so English is also very important. English is a language subject, want to learn English well, we must practice more, there are many ways to learn spoken English, let me introduce several kinds of experience in learning spoken English! It might change everyone's perception

"1. Mogu English APP (a spoken English learning software for young people, available in major app stores)


2. Ten minutes of fragmented time every day."


First, listen to a lot of acoustic English. Yes, listening is the first important, which is against the philosophy of the school, but don't worry about so much, a lot of listening is OK, don't worry about not understanding at the beginning, gradually better


Second, listen to a lot, you can try to imitate. Or if you have some important words, look them up in the dictionary, but listen to them.


Third, when you understand most of the pronunciation, you can practice with your friends, practice the dialogue collected by American TV series, or daily dialogue


Fourth, when practicing, pay attention to giving feedback to each other, such as where to say particularly good, where to say the need to improve, to timely and clear feedback


Fifth, adjust in time according to the feedback put forward by the other party, and then continue to practice, so that your speaking level will rise in a cycle.


The above methods have been proved effective by many fluent English students. If you do not have time to find suitable for beginners to learn American TV series, do not have a tutor to help you refine the golden sentence patterns of American TV series, but also need a partner to practice with you and accompany you to score the exercises, you can try Mushroom English APP, do all the above things well, you only need to spend 15-30 minutes a day, you can master English easily and fun, all the major app stores can search, Go and try it!

Matters needing attention

Mushroom English app is a spoken English learning software for young people, with a full attendance clock to get RMB scholarship mechanism, is able to effectively overcome inertia of the design, you can try oh, the major app store can search.