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Mushroom English: How to practice oral English quickly and better

2018-01-03 01:36:00
Learn oral English well, travel the world is not afraid, English as a common language, is the second mother tongue in many countries, so practice oral English is very important, out of the country, also can better communication. So how can we learn spoken English well

A dozen minutes of splinter time every day


Mushroom English APP (for young people's spoken English learning software, available in major app stores)


1, it is very important to cultivate interest, or to set up a clear goal, learn oral English well, you can better watch American TV series, communicate with foreign friends, go abroad what do not fear getting lost. I want to sincerely like this language, in fact, different English pronunciation, intonation and Chinese also have different meanings, very interesting. In other words, they are interested in English culture and curious about the world expressed in English


At the beginning, you must listen a lot, do not pay attention to the most basic phonetic symbols or words, because that is not for the service of spoken English, but for the study of English.


Vocabulary: Mastering the most basic vocabulary is enough. If you have a level 4 or 6 in college, you don't need to focus on the words at all, just listen a lot.


This information was obtained without permission from Baidu Experience


Watch American TV shows without subtitles: It's very important to lose subtitles when you start. It doesn't matter if you don't understand, continue to listen, for a long time, the sense of language has something, and don't stop trying to practice.


Dare to speak: In fact, oral English itself is not so difficult, many people are lack of courage to speak, mainly dare to say, dare to express, so that you have taken your first step. In fact, many students and foreign friends in China have the opportunity to try to make friends with them and try to communicate with them.


The above methods have been proved effective by many fluent English students. If you do not have time to find suitable for beginners to learn American TV series, do not have a tutor to help you refine the golden sentence patterns of American TV series, but also need a partner to practice with you and accompany you to score the exercises, you can try Mushroom English APP, do all the above things well, you only need to spend 15-30 minutes a day, you can master English easily and fun, all the major app stores can search, Go and try it!

Matters needing attention

Mushroom English app is a spoken English learning software for young people, with a full attendance clock to get RMB scholarship mechanism, is able to effectively overcome inertia of the design, you can try oh, the major app store can search.