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Network group APP to teach you how to use ultra-low price to get iphone 7 guide

2018-04-01 03:12:07

The value of 5 thousand apple 7 listed, the new growth of the kidney began to dull pain, according to the frequency of fruit update iteration, the number of kidneys is obviously not enough, what should take to say love you, kidney 7! Rigorous as a small series of me, never do title party! Today, Xiaobian will save everyone's kidney and teach you how to get an apple 7 at a very low price!


Step 1: Take it out and unlock the screen


Step 2: Install a networking APP


Step 3: Open the network group APP, click Qianlong shopping card


Step 4: Click "Fill in the amount", enter "5000 yuan", click on the purchase, and confirm the payment


Step 5: Wait a week, open the network group APP, click on the "Qianlong Gift card" - card package, the total value of the gift card increased to "5250" yuan, 95% discount apple 7 hands, continue to wait for two weeks, the total value increased 5750 yuan! That's 15% off.


Step 6: Accumulate to a satisfactory discount, open the home page of the network group APP, click "online shopping", search "Apple 7"


Step 7: Select payment method 1, "balance payment" to complete the purchase and wait for the goods

Matters needing attention

Remember, app Marketplace search for "networks"