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New travel guide

2018-04-04 11:12:17

Is a lot of people's romantic dream, in tourism, in addition to feeling the sea breeze and the warm sunshine, there are all kinds of food waiting for you, whether you are a foodie, or small, or literary work, it is absolutely can not miss the best place, go to the trip, after all, still want to write this travel strategy, hope to make a reference for friends. My friends and I booked the trip online at CYTS - Western Travel, a total of five days, although the time is not too long, but it is enough. Wuzhizhou Island is a scenic spot that we can't miss, but the wind is larger, and the coat needs to be prepared. Make the most of your wine bathrobes, towels, and slippers, which are sure to come in handy. Secondly, the sub-tropical rain forest is also super awesome, especially from the overlook, it is a beautiful. In Asia, sitting on the beach chair with the characteristic palm umbrella, wearing swimming trunks and bikinis, enjoying the sun, is the most leisurely moment. Mainly to worship Buddha, but also must go to the place oh, by the way, don't forget to try vegetarian vegetarian oh. Scenic area has a lot of exotic tropical plants and fruits, as well as some tropical fish can visit, ha ha, these we naturally will not miss ~~~ By the way, to say to need to bring daily necessities: 1. Clothing: A few sets of replacement clothing, clothing should be with sweat absorption, breathable, fast drying clothes, local is not easy to dry. 2. Slippers: A pair of good slippers can go through, do not light picture good, must buy walking very comfortable slippers oh. 3. Wet wipes: Washing hands outside is not convenient, and eating fruits and seafood should be carried by hand, bringing wet wipes is a lot of convenience. 4. Toothbrush, toothpaste: Alcohol is poorly provided, it is recommended to bring your own, as well as paper and pen. 5. Spring scale: Many vendors' scales are inaccurate. 6. Camera rack: It is difficult to find someone to help group photos can also be used to shoot night scenery and scenery, but it depends on personal needs, if there are too many things, don't bring it. 7. Don't keep your bag too small. You should keep a lot of things in it. Four dishes: chicken, duck, sheep, and crab, we must go to try oh, in travel, it seems that everything is memorable, I like the kind of carefree at ease, say, who does not love it?