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Night stay Wuzhen four-day tour

2018-03-02 11:12:00

It is a poem, a natural picture, a beautiful and moving story, whether it is people who have lived here for many years or travelers in a hurry, all are dumped by this unparalleled beauty in the world. Spring in March, Yingfei long grass. Su Bai two dike, peach willow clip bank. On both sides of the waves are twinkling, cruise boat spots, the distance is the mountains empty Meng, QingDai contain Cui. Walking on the embankment at this time, you will be amazed by the scenery in front of you, and even enthralled, wondering whether you have entered the wonderland.


Day 1 -


Meet yourself at the international airport within the designated time, take the flight () to the provincial capital, which enjoys the reputation of heaven on earth, and then visit the Scenic Spot, which is a national scenic spot with the beautiful and elegant lake color and the bright and abundant cultural relics and relics, culture and art. She is beautiful, three sides of the cloud mountain, in the water, an area of 60 square kilometers, of which the lake is 5.68 square kilometers. Visit one of the ten scenic spots [Huagang Fish Viewing], view the river, overlook the Six Harmony Tower, appreciate the red fish pond, pavilion, car tour the western line around the lake Park, the appearance of Leifeng Tower. [Boat] Visit the beautiful Xizi Lake (not on the island) : Tourists will take a boat in the largest lake to enjoy the Su Embankment, broken bridge, lonely mountain, three Tan Yinyue, Quyuan wind, and many other beautiful scenery. Check in for a wine break after dinner


Day 2 - Wuzhen


After breakfast, visit China's famous institution of higher learning [University], formerly founded in 1897 Qiushi Academy, one of the earliest institutions of higher learning founded by the Chinese people, renamed National University in 1928, was praised by the famous British scholar Joseph Needham as "Cambridge" (warm reminder: If the university declined to visit during the weekend on Saturday and Sunday, the tour guide will arrange to change to "enjoy the Beijing-Hang-ancient section by boat"). Visit the silk exhibition (shopping time approx. 50 minutes). After lunch, drive to one of the six water towns [Wuzhen] official website, and enter the [Xishha Scenic Spot] by ferry (dinner by yourself). Wuzhen is one of the six ancient towns in the water town, inheriting the history and culture of thousands of years. The simple and beautiful scenery of the water town, the unique cuisine, the colorful folk festivals, the profound cultural heritage and the immutable lifestyle make Wuzhen a living fossil of ancient civilization. The inheritance of wisdom, accompanied by a strong sense of scholarship, presents a fascinating historical picture here. Xisha is a different kind of water country. The OARS are little Bridges and OARS. Here, there is not the noise of the city. Here, there is only sound and peace; The old streets with green slates, the old Bridges and the stone and wood carvings reveal the prosperity of the old town everywhere. The mottled paint on the century-old signboard shows the infinite charm of time. Check in for a wine break after dinner. Unsatisfied tourists can also re-enter the Xizha scenic area to enjoy the night scenery of the water town under the light and taste the unique style of the original pillow water.


Day 3 Wuzhen --


After breakfast, go by car to visit Hangbaiju base via Tongxiang (shopping time is about 45 minutes), after arriving to visit the city's iconic scenic spot [Hanshan Temple] official website "Hanshan Temple outside Gusu City, midnight bell to the passenger ship" moving poems, poetic bells spread thousands of years, Hanshan ancient temple so famous. Tour enjoy the ancient "cover" of the reputation of the "Panmen three views" official website "Panmen three views" is the southwest of the "Panmen" water and land gate, across the "Wumen Bridge", the "Ruiguang Temple Tower" of the flow of light, by the three views linked together, become a famous area, but also concentrate many classic elements in a place of interest. Visit the Pearl (shopping time about 45 minutes). By car to the international metropolis, visit [City God Temple] (dinner), built to imitate the ancient block style, operating a variety of crafts and small goods, famous snacks around are rich and colorful, visitors to this can be full of food, taste special snacks at their own expense. Check in for a wine break.


Day 4 - After breakfast, visit [Old Pier], which used to be the largest pier in the Far East and an important portal on the water. With the background of old history and culture, the old pier retains the most charming architectural characteristics of "Shikumen", integrating the city's art, culture, commerce and fashion, presenting a unique style of Shanghai style to the world. Visit the charming Bund and stroll on the boulevard platform: see the old Western-style buildings known as the "Museum of Architecture of All Nations" in Puxi and the modern flavor of the waterfront district. Visit the official website of the renovated block with a strong artistic atmosphere [Tianzifang], where European street lights, small bars, western restaurants, quite a European street atmosphere, the old-fashioned brick houses on both sides of the quiet alleys, the ground stone bricks are decorated by a variety of exquisite flowers and plants, and the street is filled with all kinds of gadgets: hair cards, postcards, water cups... Chinese and Western culture blend perfectly here, visit the Hayas Crystal (shopping time is about 45 minutes). After the tour car to the airport flight () back to the warm home! .