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Novice oil tips

2018-04-14 09:36:51

There are many kinds of oil investment, but oil has its unique characteristics, which has been liked by more and more oil speculators, and has become a good tool for investment and financial management. Oil investment is also one of the topics that we like to discuss most. We summarize it in detail as follows, hoping to bring help to friends of oil investment trading.


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Learn to collect real-time data novice oil speculation to focus on financial data, according to the publication of important data to understand the market, so as to better operation, do not blank start. An excellent financial data website can provide you with the latest, most timely and most complete financial news, so that the single more confident, more willful!


Use oil simulation account beginners should be patient to learn, step by step, do not rush to open a real investment account.


Do not contrarian operation in a rise can only do more, the same in a fall can only be short, as long as the market has not reversed, remember not contrarian operation! According to this rule, the risk can be effectively controlled, and it is unwise to invest too much at one time, which is easy to produce out-of-control losses. Always put security first.


The less the amount of the account, the greater the investment risk, so avoid letting the investment account only do the amount of one hand, to do the amount of one hand is not allowed to make a mistake, even experienced margin investors also have the wrong judgment.


The biggest enemy of investors is themselves, greed, impatience, out of control, no sense of vigilance and other emotions can easily allow investors to ignore market trends, and lead to wrong trading decisions. Therefore, oil investment should not be done purely for whim or boredom.


Identify a senior analyst When you choose a person's analysis, you identify with, if there are more people consulting, it is likely to encounter some situations, say that you ask this person just when there is a mistake, and then you feel that it is not credible, and then ask another person, at this time I am another person's mistake, then we have more than worth the loss. Senior analysts with the most professional market analysis and unique market concepts to help you accurately make orders, for you to guide.


It is best not to hold positions overnight, if you have to hold positions, be sure to set a stop loss price and a stop profit price. The stop loss price and stop profit price can be set with reference to the 5-day moving average and 20-day moving average. When trading, don't trust your instincts too much, but read more international news, not what others say, but what is happening in the market.


Judge the trend of decisive attack to do oil investment, pay particular attention to, at any time do not easily full operation. Judge the big trend, follow the market to do the right, when the band should be cautious, do not be penny wise and pound foolish. Oil is a T+0 trading mechanism, to maximize the flexibility of this mechanism, seize the moment, decisively enter and exit, overcome greed (unwilling to sell) and fear (afraid to buy).


Choose a formal legal and powerful investment platform to find a good platform to earn greater profits, it not only has a team of senior experts working in the field of financial investment for many years, but also can provide investors with the latest financial information, timely quotations, and professional technical analysis, whether investors are novices or experts. Can guide you in the right investment direction.

Matters needing attention

In investment, strictly following the rules is the key to long-term survival, and you must make some iron rules for yourself. There are no rules, and the investment market is the most obvious place where human weakness is reflected. Most traders do not lose discipline, focus and confidence because of the inherent risks of trading.


Investment psychology must be mature, must be self-disciplined, must overcome many human weaknesses, in order to move towards the door of success.