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Number of episodes in which the female Emperor of One Piece appeared

2018-02-24 14:24:00

As of January 2019, the number of episodes in which Han Cook, the female king of One Piece, appeared are: 410, 412, 413, 414, 415, 491, 507, 508, 509, 516, 517, 518, and 522. 1. Episode 410 tells the story of Luffy being chased by the women of Amazon Lily and finally saved by Margaret. Just when Margaret wanted to let Luffy go, Luffy found that he had no boat to find a partner. Their aim was to get her to accept the world's call. 2, the 412 episode tells about Luffy accidentally ran into the place of the snake into the bath, but also saw the snake on the back of the thing, the snake decided to order the hunt for Luffy, and he was executed, can not bear Luffy was executed Margaret stand up to admit that he let Luffy into the country, but in the end was turned into stone by the snake. 3, the 413 episode tells about Luffy was snake Ji and others caught the arena ready to accept the execution, not afraid of death Luffy also continued to snake Ji insult, but also will be executed black panther Batula to play fly out, so snake Ji sent his two sisters to solve Luffy. 4, the 414 episode tells the story of Luffy inadvertently used a domineer, but because of uncontrollable and can not play the maximum role, so, he still saved the stone statue of Margaret and others from the hands of the snake hair three sisters, and fought as hard as possible, although almost lost to the snake hair sisters offensive and fell into the sword ditch, but in the end still defeated the two sisters. 5, the 415 episode tells about Luffy at a critical juncture covered the Sanda Sonia back mark, so was called into the nine snake city, in the new mother-in-law's guidance, snake to Luffy slowly revealed the three sisters of the past, the original mark on their back is not what Gole workers eyes, but the dragon people give slave mark. 6, the 491 episode tells the story of Luffy who was seriously injured in the war at the top, although he saved his life under the treatment of Luo, but still no sign of waking up, in order to avoid the Navy's pursuit, Hancook and others decided to send Luffy to the Onoshima Amazon Lily for recuperation, but also because of this, the thieves led by Luo must also follow Luffy in Onoshima to stay down. 7, the 507 episode tells the story of in order to fulfill the original and partners to meet the agreement again, Luffy decided to rely on life paper to go to the Chambordi Islands, did not expect when he was ready to set out, the king of Hade Reilly appeared on the island of Women. It turns out that the reason Reilly knew that Luffy might be in Onoshima was because Basolomi Xiong himself told him the direction Luffy was being sent. 8, Episode 508 tells the story of Na Mei learned that Luffy in the war with the Navy witnessed the death of her brother Ace and was devastated, so decided to find a way to leave Visalia, just when she stole all the useful things, ready to leave there, but because she can not operate the hot air balloon and fell from the sky, and finally was arrested by Visalia scholars. 9, Episode 509 tells the story of Sauron from Hawkeye Mihok's mouth after learning the news of Luffy, he is desperate to leave the island of Kraikana, despite his bruised body, Mihok told him to take a boat in the west of the island to leave the island, but Sauron on the way to meet the violent baboon, the baboon even use Sauron's moves. 10, Episode 516 tells the story of Luffy in Reilly's proposal, once again came to Marin Van do to mourn the deceased Ace and White Beard, and to convey a message to the partners scattered around the world, and they did not live up to Luffy's expectations, all understand the message left by Luffy. With the help of Hancock and the Ninesake warriors, Reilly flies Lu to an uninhabited island near Onoshima for spiritual training. 11, the 517 set about two years of time in the past, finally came to the day of Luffy and a group of people back to the Chambourdi Islands collection, so the members of the straw hat group have come to the Chambourdi Islands, and Reilly is already in Shaki's bar waiting for everyone's arrival, the first appeared is Solon. 12, Episode 518: Luffy, Sanji, Jabbar, Sauron, Usopp, Robin, Brooke, and Frankie all arrive on the Chambord Islands. While walking and eating marshmallows, Joe met on the road who claimed to be a member of the straw hat Pirates group of fake Solon, fake Sanji, fake Robin and fake Joe, he thought he met a partner he had not seen for two years, so he was excited to follow up. 13, Episode 522 tells that after two long years, the Straw Hat Thieves finally assemble on the Sunshine. Just as they were about to set out on their way, Navy pursuers blocked their way. Fortunately, Perona, Raleigh, Big Bird, Hancock, Hercules, who had helped everyone on each island, all lent a helping hand to help them get rid of the Navy smoothly.