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Obi Island strategy: happy beginning of the society

2018-02-19 20:48:00

School is about to start, and Obi Island has launched a happy back-to-school bonding club. And a naughty match-making cat make a wish to start school, there is a big gift waiting for you to take! This experience tells you the process of participating in the activity and the relevant experience of customs clearance.


There are three activities in the club: the opening of the school wishes to send gifts, the shelter of the cat, and the encounter of cherry blossoms.


The shelter of the mating cat can get the cubs of the mating cat, provided that the embarrassing problem of the beginning of the school is solved, and each shelter value must reach 3.


After receiving it, go to the zoo to raise it, and the mutation can be successfully obtained.


The encounter of cherry blossoms is to soak cherry blossoms, and each time you collect more than 50 cherry blossoms, you can also encounter the God of marriage and get a mysterious prize.


What a romantic scene, every 50 cherry blossoms, there will be a goddess out to meet you.


School is willing to send gifts, each consumption of 5 bonding stones, you can draw on the sign, sign, sign, you can get corresponding rewards.


There are two kinds that get the mating stone: the shelter of the mating cat and the encounter of the cherry blossom.


There is also a way to get the bonding stone is the time reward, don't forget to receive yo!