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Office tips, learn to improve your office efficiency

2018-05-10 17:36:22

In the office, want to want to quickly improve work efficiency, without these Excel tips is impossible, in order to reduce everyone's overtime, today Xiaobian for you to share a few practical Excel office tips!




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Interlace empty lines

First enter the data in the blank cell, and then select the drop-down to the position where you need to insert the empty line, and then use the shortcut key [Ctrl+G] to bring up the positioning condition) -- select [Constant] -- [OK], and then click the right mouse button -- [Insert] -- [whole line] -- [OK]. (Press Delete to delete excess data directly.)

Freeze first row of cells

Before many friends asked how to fix the first line, the lower cell can be rolled at will, in fact, this method is very simple, let's take a look at it. Select all the first row cells -- [View] -- [Freeze Pane] -- Select [Freeze first row].

Unpin cells

Since we can fix the cells, we can of course cancel the cells, the operation process is also very simple, first select all the fixed cells, and then click "View" -- "Freeze pane" -- "Cancel the fixed cells" can be.

Prevent data tampering

The usual Excel cells are free to change, if we are worried about our data being tampered with, we can do so. Click [Review] -- [Protect] -- [Protect worksheet], then enter the protection password, click [OK], and then a "re-enter password" window will pop up, after entering, click [OK].

Undo sheet protection

If there is protection, there is revoke protection. First, we will open the protection sheet, and then click [Review] -- [Revoke protection sheet] -- [Enter password] -- [OK].

Matters needing attention

About Excel office tips to share here, you can try if you are interested!