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Olive oil blackhead removal method

2018-05-04 03:12:10

Olive oil + bamboo salt, use together, massage to blackhead effect is very good. Or cover your nose with plastic wrap, use a hairdryer on a low heat level to let your skin absorb it, and then gently squeeze


Olive oil


Bamboo salt


1. Use beauty olive oil instead of food! It is best to use olive oil + bamboo salt, together, the massage effect is better. Two to three times a week, depending on the skin condition, is fine. If there are more blackheads, you can gently massage in a circular manner for 15 minutes to half an hour.


2, olive oil on the nose after the olive oil on the nose with plastic wrap cover, with the weak wind of the hair dryer to blow hot let the skin absorb it, and then gently squeeze, so that the formation of the oil film blackhead is easier to come out. Because the blackhead that has been formed can only be squeezed out to make it disappear.



3. Olive oil can completely remove aging cutin in time, and it can play an excellent preventive role in the generation of blackheads and acne. Here's how to make your own highly effective exfoliator.


4, a small amount of olive oil nest in the palm to form a certain capacity, the olive oil into, just over the amount of palm heart is best.


5. Dip a small amount of salt With the middle finger of your other hand. Moisten your fingers before dipping to make it easier for salt to stick.


6. Thoroughly Blend the middle finger dipped in salt into the olive oil and gently draw circles in the palm so that the two are fully integrated.

Matters needing attention

If you can't find bamboo salt, you can use that kind of beauty salt, it is best not to use edible salt instead!