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On 2017 registration need to pay attention to explain!

2018-02-23 16:00:00

A simple description to share the registration needs to prepare some information and some of its precautions, I hope to bring you some help


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First of all, do you want to register domestic or foreign capital? In, registration of domestic capital, you can go through the whole process online. However, since July, the address verification has been stricter, many registration will require the provision of address proof (not limited to red book, real estate certificate, site use certificate), registration difficulty is increased, more strict registration, the need for shareholder legal supervisory network bank U shield, name, registered address, business scope, the proportion of shares between shareholders, The identity information of the legal shareholders and supervisors, the registered capital, the time is three or four days, and the time is about seven working days, and you can get a business license and seal it. However, if you want to register foreign capital, Sino-foreign joint ventures, etc., you need to prepare materials: including the main qualification certification of the overseas mother, the passport of the natural person shareholder (Hong Kong and Macao "return permit" or ID card, Taiwan "Taiwan compatriots Permit"), etc., to the scene.


Secondly, what is your name and business scope? Although it is not necessary to "make an appointment to check the name" in advance, it is necessary to "declare the name independently" in the system, and it is not repeated in the jurisdiction of the main organ (of course, there is ethnic discrimination, adverse effects, and the name of the party and government organs, you know it). In general, the name of the enterprise is called: city + name + industry expression + organizational form, of course, you can also move the position of the word "", placed behind the" name "or" industry expression ", with brackets. This "industry statement" should be related to the "business scope". One more word on the line of business. Some business scope involves the approval of matters, in addition to the "business license", but also need to handle the "xx license" to start business. Most of the current approval is post-approval, that is, after getting a business license, you will be given a piece of paper to prompt you to which department to do which approval. There are also a few areas that retain pre-approval and need to obtain relevant licenses before they can handle business licenses. For details on what needs to be approved, you can refer to the Notice of the SAIC on Adjusting the Catalogue of Pre-approval Items for Industrial and Commercial Registration issued in July 2016.


What is the agreed capital and investment ratio between you and your partner? Now the subscription system, but "subscription" is not "non-payment" means, at the time of creation, it is necessary to agree on the "Articles of Association", and the articles of association should indicate the registered capital subscribed by each shareholder, and the time when the funds are in place. Therefore, although the newly established registered capital does not need to be in place immediately, it is necessary to fill in this item every year when the annual report is made. If the agreed deadline, the funds are not in place, you can amend the "Articles of Association", push back the subscription time or directly reduce the capital (the capital reduction needs to be published in the newspaper 45 days, and then handle the industrial and commercial change registration). As for the proportion of investment, it is also agreed in advance, if it is a person, it is 100%, but according to the Law, "a limited shareholder can not prove that the property is independent of the shareholder's own property, should bear joint and several liability for the debt."


What if there are shareholders? Shareholders can be natural person shareholders or legal shareholders, if you want to set up a new, its shareholders (that is, legal shareholders), to discuss the situation: if the legal shareholder is, need to handle the enterprise digital certificate (equivalent to the natural person shareholders of the U shield), so that you can go through the whole process online. If the legal shareholder is different, you need to prepare relevant information, including the business license of the legal shareholder, and make an appointment at the window.


Then if the foreign enterprises want to set up points, how to handle? Fen and Zi are different, Zi is just like the above mentioned one investment another, both have independent legal person status; Although the branch can obtain a business license, it is not a business license of an enterprise legal person and does not have an independent legal personality. If foreign enterprises want to set up points, they need the total business license, official seal, articles of association, legal representative and the ID card of the person in charge of the branch, and make an appointment to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau for on-site processing.

Matters needing attention

The key to the address requirements is "real", with a "false address" registration, will be revoked business license!