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One day to play the guide

2018-02-18 19:12:00

Is a famous tourist attraction, today Xiaobian will tell you about the one-day tour guide, I hope to help you.


Located in the central part of the province, affiliated to the city, literati for thousands of years have praised the sunrise landscape, people who go to travel to see the sunrise as an essential project.


Yunhai Jade Plate is one of the four wonders, Dai Temple is located in the Tai Lu, commonly known as the Dongyue Temple, is the place where the emperors held the ceremony and worship the gods.


Day palace is the essence of Han palace architecture, south also known as three, is the top of the mountaineering road. Tianjie is the guide, the street to the east to the temple of the blue cloud is about one li, the south to the north of the road is about 100 meters, commonly known as North Tianjie.


Stone carving covers the entire history of Chinese calligraphy, and shows the development of Chinese calligraphy art, which has high artistic and historical value.


The Five Sacred Mountains have always been regarded as symbolic praise to show lofty status, and the five sacred Mountains on the stone carving is the most representative masterpiece of many historic moments, and has now become a symbol.


The temple is located in the south of the top of the Qing Dynasty Qianlong 35 years after reconstruction renamed the temple and still in use today. Every year, 5 million pilgrims and visitors visit the temple to worship and pray for the blessings of the gods. Under the setting sun, the Yunfeng is inlaid with a layer of golden bright edge, flashing a rare treasure like brilliance, Zhanlu Terrace has a wide vision, is the best place to watch the night scene, down you can overlook the bustling scenery of the city.