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Onmyoji Kawato Race Copy 1-10 civilian lineup recommended

2018-05-07 19:12:55

After the update of the onmyoshi will be online contract race copy, for the general players how to match the lineup is more critical, after all, we do not have so many SSR, Xiaobian here to recommend a civilian lineup collocation method.




Civilian lineup recommended output consider carrying a group attack main force, minimum 5 stars, and try to take the needle female soul type god. Rain woman: It is necessary to bring I believe that everyone knows very well, the key to clearing BUFF is her.


Pepper chart: In order to prevent the fox from directly dropping our type God, or the river boy of explosion output, we carry pepper chart to evenly share the damage.


Treatment: Treatment needless to say, mainstream wet nurse peach blossom demon and grandpa can be, Xiaobian here is more recommended grandpa, after all, there is no peach blossom demon so waste fire. If peach blossom spirit is good, you can also consider bringing peach blossom spirit.


Control: Xiaobian recommends taking snow women or soldiers, full control is better. If you carry a dream-eating tapir, the effect is very ordinary.


This article is based on experience


At present, the pull is not particularly key, on the contrary, can hold the whole field is the key, the output must be five stars, otherwise it is quite weak. Auxiliary four stars can do, do not need too much requirements.