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Oracle Continental family system introduction

2018-05-07 09:36:30

Oracle Land, is a very fun game, loved by the majority of players. Xiaobian today teaches you the Oracle mainland family system introduction, so that you become a game god.


Oracle Continent game software


First of all, you can apply to join the family if you meet the level. In the family list, you can select your preferred family, and after applying, you will successfully join the organization. Of course, friends can also create their own families.


The Oracle Continental Family system features family territory battles, family fields, family quests, and family copies. The top 6 families in the Family Battle will qualify for the Family Battle. The families are ranked in order of points, in pairs.


In the game players can participate in the game of the family according to the ranking order of points, players can play in pairs.


One or two players compete for the first city, and the losing family gets the second city. 3,4 for City 3,4, and so on. The higher the ranking, the better the reward.


Activity rewards: Family contribution, family funds, tied yuan, gold coins, animal food, etc., and territorial welfare awards are waiting for you.


Family School: Upgrading the school can unlock family skills, and consuming personal contributions can upgrade skills. Family Quest: Reward quest is divided into five difficulty: green, blue, purple, orange, red, the higher the difficulty to get more rewards.