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Outdoor fun trip record

2018-03-05 04:48:00

Silver Beach Resort is located in the scenic Silver Beach National Tourism Resort, Silver Beach from the west of Qiaogang Town fishing port, Daguansha, by the west, east and sea beach area, stretching about 24 kilometers, the width of the beach between 30-3000 meters, the land area of 12 square kilometers, the total area of about 38 square kilometers. The area is more than,,, and the beach beach combined, while the average slope is only 0.05. The beach is made of high-grade quartz sand accumulation, in the sunlight, white, delicate beach will be a silver light, so called silver beach, silver beach with its "long flat beach, fine white sand, clean water temperature, soft waves, shark-free" characteristics, known as "the first beach in the world".


Silver beach, sand comparable, at noon wearing sandals to the beach to catch the sea, at first is a large section of soft sand, silver, carefully walking, accidentally hot sand into the shoes, the instep suddenly have a hot feeling, a long section of soft sand, stepped on the hard beach, as hard as cement, there are many holes on the beach, dense, dense, There are piles of soil particles around the hole, at first thought it was sandy, but unexpectedly heard a shout from the side, "sand crab, sand crab", oh, so this is the unique sand crab, small, brown, the size of the small nail, a small hole is their home, the peer according to the guide said, blocked the hole, but unexpectedly small sand crab is very flexible, As soon as they feel the footsteps of people, they quickly drill into the hole and no longer appear, the original sand crab only recognizes his own home, if you block the door of his home, it can only obediently surrender, but you hold down the door of others, it does not affect its return home.


Continue to move along the beach, gradually, the sea water over the feet, the sun shines on the sea, the sea is very warm, people on the beach or barefoot to play water, or lie down and allow people to cover the wet sand on the body, sand bath, or hold a camera to capture the seascape, under the open sun umbrella, people sitting in twos and twos to avoid the shade, drinking drinks, talking, a relaxed feeling. Walking in the sea, the waves seem to be rolling lotus leaves, waves, slowly pushed to the beach, and slowly returned to the sea, here do not worry about the sea retreat when people will not stand, the hard beach gives you strong protection, looking far away, the sea extends far, boundless, the sea and the sky into a piece, "sea and sky color" is about this scene. Sitting under the parasol, slightly sleepy, in this warm beach nap must have an unusual feeling, just sleepy, suddenly found that there is a sand crab at the foot is trying to create their own nest, I saw it persevered drilling up and down, down time and space, drilling out of the hole but carrying sand with its body about the size of the sand, color is much deeper than the sand on the beach, Is guessing the reason for the change in the color of the sand, the surrounding hole has been filled with a lot of sand, it seems that its work efficiency is not low, squat down the body, close watch, can only vaguely see about it, its two pliers seem to be the main tool of work, the legs are used to do crawling support, generally hiding in the hole, hear a slight sound, immediately drill into the hole, Run away, for a long time there was no movement, until it thought it was safe to re-out of the hole, holding the camera, the picture to the maximum, to wait for a long time, and finally gave it a close-up when the sand crab climbed out, which is also a harvest of the sea.


According to the good time, boarding a wooden boat at 12:30 p.m., the ship is medium in size, divided into two layers, the lower layer is mainly used for eating, the most central place is a long table, on the table are cold dishes, fruits, seafood and a large pot of seafood porridge, the table is set on the barbecue stove, on both sides of the ship are long stools, from the tail to the head, along the side of the ship rolled green canvas, Can both wind and shade the sun; Climbing the ladder to the boat, you reach the second floor, where only two square tables are placed for recreational use, a symbolic cockpit is set up behind the table, and the rudder has become an ornament for people to take photos. Set sail, after choosing a good seat, can not wait to taste the small bus banana, a specialty, similar millet banana, in the end is the origin, banana sweetness is moderate, maturity is good, unlike what we eat are ripened products. Like a telepathic, after eating the plantains, everyone tasted the seafood porridge, a red shrimp crouched on the white rice grains, the light color is very attractive, taste it, taste very delicious, it should be natural shrimp into the taste.


A line of people holding a bowl in one hand, chopsticks in the other hand, shuttling between cold dishes, and from time to time, someone brought a good barbecue shrimp to taste, everyone is busy, inadvertently, blowing a sea breeze, causing flies to dance up and down, many people after eating, they were busy on the second floor to see the scenery, for a time, the huge cabin was a lot of cold. Moved to the barbecue oven, picked two small sea fish that could not be named, began to experience the taste of barbecue, people sitting on the stove, although also separated by the distance, or feel the hot air, under the guidance of others, opposite the fish, the mouth has been asking whether it is cooked, finally wait until both sides of the fish are yellow, hurriedly brush oil, continue to roast, and so people will sweat, Finally completed their own baked fish works, quickly taste, the outside skin is very crisp, but too many fish scales, did not swallow the mouth, the fish taste is very light, but very tender, a bit like our steamed feeling, taste good, it seems that this barbecue is baked things, but also test people's patience, it is also a skill to learn it.

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