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Outline of oil painting

2018-02-22 11:12:00

Course Features: Small class teaching one-to-one tutoring targeted teaching Oil painting art originated in Europe, but because of its unique charm has long been all over the world, it and other kinds of art together in different countries, different regions in their own unique forms of artistic expression, expressing the perception of the world. Compared with watercolor painting and gouache painting, although watercolor painting and gouache painting have their own advantages and characteristics that can not be replaced by other paintings, there are obvious limitations in tool performance and expressive force. Oil painting can be very specific, detailed performance of all the modeling and visual characteristics of the object, that is, the reproduction of the object in the specific time and space of the light and color relationship, light and dark levels, physical structure, sense of space and sense of quality, so that the image of the picture to reach the point of extraordinary fidelity. As an artistic language, oil painting includes a number of modeling factors such as color, light and shade, line, texture, brushwork, texture, light sense, space, composition, etc. The role of oil painting techniques lies in reflecting all modeling factors comprehensively or focusing on a single item. The performance of oil painting materials fully provides the possibility of using oil painting techniques on a second flat base. In view of the characteristics of this oil painting, beginners can be bold and free to express according to their own ideas; Those who have certain painting skills can be improved in technique according to their understanding of color. Therefore, the oil painting course offered by Bangyuan not only covers the content of color beginners, but also includes courses for students with solid foundation and color attainments. First, the object: 5 years old or above can be two, tuition: color class (each period) : 980 yuan sketch color comprehensive class: 1960 yuan Three, class time: evening: 18:30-21:00 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday evening) Day class: 12:00-14:30 15:00-17:30 (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays) Weekends: 9:00-11:30 12:30-13:00 (Saturdays, Sundays) Three ways: Please bring two one-inch headless photos. One ID card and photocopy. Address: Address 1: Room 915, 9th Floor, Tianan International Building (Dayan Department Store), No. 122, Xinjiekou South Road, Shanghai :025-57725703 57725663 57725383 Address 2: Room 1015, 10th Floor, Tianan International Building (Dayang Department Store), No. 122, Xinjiekou South Road, Shi :025-57725783 57725293 57725283 Address 3: Room 1108, 11th Floor, Tianan International Building, Dayang Department Store, No.122 South Xinjiekou Road, Shi-Shi: 025-57725603 57725373 57725903 57725693/> Please visit our website