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Own experience in applying for doctoral scholarships for overseas graduate students

2018-04-03 00:00:05

In today's society, a short life is like a poker game. Some people are born with a good hand, and they can't lose. And most of us can only do our best to play every card to maximize the benefits, there is no need to compare with some people. I hope you can understand in the application and wait and see, the best is not necessarily the most suitable for you, sometimes learn to choose and compromise, because the world will never lack of students who are 100 times better than you. Always see some small friends for a school or a country hanging in a crooked neck tree, really not worth it, where the gold will shine! Trust me... It's hard for a graduate student to get a scholarship! Must have a good article or patent!! If you are applying to the UK, you must be in the research category! Secondly, we all know that it is best for Chinese students to apply for CSC scholarships. The three most important things to win this award are: 1. Your mentor supports you. 2. If the major you learn is relatively scarce in the country, the research is relatively strong, basically most science is like this. 3. Your personal strength... In fact, the difference in this point is not as exaggerated as we think ~ to have confidence in yourself! Some people will say that the first one is too difficult! In fact, not so exaggerated, to send emails to the teacher must be diligent, show that you can be used as a brick worker potential. It is best to find a good mentor and talk about life with him more when you go abroad for exchange or other opportunities. Moreover, study abroad experience is very important, and the short semester of the summer vacation is more explanatory than what you hold more NB English certificate. Therefore, I hope you can participate in more exchange programs if you have the conditions. Another is that many wives could consider applying to schools in Northern Europe. It's not that popular, and there are lots of scholarships. The doctor will also get paid! However, if you want to apply for a PhD directly after graduation, you must have several articles that can be sold, the Netherlands and Switzerland are very good choices, and there are English classes. Look around the house, think for yourself...