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parasite in city Walkthrough

2018-04-30 17:36:00

I don't know how to clear the customs with parasite in city. I have sorted out some guidelines. I hope they will be useful to you.


The first level, the first scene: Get up and push the first box on the ground to the left and jump onto the platform with the box, push the second box to the right and then push the box to the right, climb onto the box and jump on


Level 1, Scene 2: Sewer encountered the first monster dressed in yellow ordinary zombie (referred to as yellow) normal difficulty three shots dead, easy difficulty one shot second flies can be shot one second, provided that the same level as your gun muzzle, fly X will be pregnant/spawn new flies, a large lump of eggs on the sewer wall will appear 4-5 flies whether it is easy or normal difficulty, Bullets are enough in the first level, don't get RPG sick, explore that one magazine is not enough for you to fight reflexive monsters


The first level is a small maze, take a method sewer birth point to the right, encounter the intersection to ↑ and then to ← and then to ↑, ↑ to the top to →, be careful of flies, go slowly on the top right will see a damaged wooden ladder, go up to kick two feet, will fall down the box, jump up


The second level: Second, there are new monsters Fat Man and female zombie [normal difficulty] three shots for female zombie, six shots for fat man [easy difficulty] one shot for female zombie, two shots for Fat Man. Fat Man's special skill is to smash wooden boxes. Children zombies have tongs in their hands, special skill is to destroy painted iron boxes (Level 3). Level 2 is a long corridor, just keep going to →, some of the zombies in the background are ambushes. The zombie in the ambush has no female zombie most likely because X is tired


Fat people alone are not terrible, after being kicked hard straight action is very big, go up and kick until death can save a lot of bullets Female zombies after being kicked hard straight action is immune to kicking, kicking a foot to walk forward to repair the foot is hit by ordinary difficulty to kill a single save bullets, a wave of corpses in the middle, a wave of corpses at the end of the second school bus there are many zombies on the right side, run and jump over without hitting, Otherwise, you're gonna keep holding down the third or fourth abandoned school bus because you're not on the ground and there's a fat guy in front of it, kick it before it breaks the crate, or you're not gonna be able to shut down the last school bus and there's only one female zombie on the right, run over it, shoot it across the minivan, run right to trigger the wave of corpses, jump back in, or, hit the wave of corpses and run right through the door


Level 3 Scene 1: New monster, face worm (new combination face worm + female zombie) Face worm has the ability to bounce, but it is easier than the fly, the face worm spawning will give birth to the fly (2333) Face worm run is the reverse run bounce bounce when you shoot directly to kill the zombie tide behind you, go ahead and kill the zombie in front of you first, The back will fall the yellow coat holding the face worm is blocked by the box, the bounce is not able to go forward, aim to jump up and shoot when you meet 2+ holding the face worm, aim to kill one to run behind, and then jump and shoot again because there is a BUG, you kill the second one when the second one hits you, you will still be tackled, break free and find the holding the face worm is dead to the right to run through the customs


The second scene of the third level, the workers do not stop entering the scene, run directly to the right, kill the yellow coat + fat man, and then the iron plate with a particularly smooth break on the left side can jump on it. Do not stop first killing the female zombie on the left side of the same layer, do not eat blood and then go up to play geoduck, your hands are invincible after the time to go up, you may swallow a wave of geoduck pills on the back. In fact, you can kick the geoduck straight and kill the geoduck. Open the control stick, jump down and take the medicine. There is a wave of dead bodies under the pill. [easy difficulty] Two magazines can beat the tide of dead bodies. [Normal difficulty] When jumping over the break, be careful if you don't jump over the break, you will be crushed by the corpse tide


The third scene of Level three is the first scene changed the strange place and there is a wave of corpses behind it


In the fourth scene of the third level, the workers Rush to the second floor to kill the geoduck on the right to kill the geoduck on the left, open the control lever to run right to fight the monster, and enter the door


The fifth scene of the third level, the same/third behind the body tide to beat strange waves, as far as possible to keep full of blood run right, enter the door


The sixth scene of the third level, the BOSS battle BOSS is a humanoid zombie, the head and one hand are tentacles, there are blood strips, you see two attack methods remote attack, from the underground attack (iron plate can also drill through, fierce) when the attack the ground will have 1.5-2s rupture time, running on the line, is caught is directly to throw down the second attack method, Close up and you'll be caught and shot. The range is half the range that gives you a pistol


No corpse tide behind, directly on the second floor geoduck no, run forward to meet the BOSS first stand in the nearest wooden box from the Boss, let the BOSS catch a remote break the box and then hide back and forth in the damaged position of the box on the line, shield the BOSS close combat killed the BOSS to the right run, enter the door


Level Three, Scene seven, are you freaking out? Run right without a flash of white light, clearance