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Part surface cutting forming method

2018-04-30 20:48:09

The surface of a part can usually be seen as the trajectory of one bus along another wire. Bus and wire are collectively referred to as the raw line forming the surface, also known as the raw line or forming line. When cutting, the two generating lines are the relative motion of the cutting edge of the tool and the workpiece, and the surface of the workpiece is cut and formed through this motion.


Various instruments and tools


1) Trajectory method ----- The raw lines on the picking surface are generated by trajectory motion.


2) Forming method ----- A raw line of the tool is obtained directly from the shape of the blade.


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4) The forming method -----, also known as the forming method, a generating line of the workpiece is also an inclusive line of the motion path of the cutting edge, and the inclusive line needs to be generated by the forming motion between the tool and the workpiece.