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Party wine is the hottest drink

2018-02-24 03:12:00

Nowadays, the party has become the new favorite of the social gathering event. Elegant, personalized party era has arrived! At the beginning of the party, you should start with something easy to drink according to your habits. In this way, your stomach and taste will be fully scheduled, and you will be fully prepared for the hangover later. Recommended with nuts, cheese, Italian salami, alkali biscuits, orange olive and other snacks! This paper introduces the most popular drinking method of Lubeska fruit vodka spirits from Poland


Ingredients: 10 people for the party with alcohol, Lubesca 500mlx2 bottles, soda water 330mlx4 cans, seasonal fruits (strawberries, dragon fruit, lemon, etc.), plenty of ice cubes, juice jar, shot glass, wine and soda ratio 1:1.5, if there is no juice jar, you can also use a jug


Lubesca fruit vodka liquor is poured into the juice jar


Fill the juice jar with soda water


Add fruit in season


Pour the wine into a glass and add plenty of ice to enhance the taste


Drink, it is recommended to match snacks nuts, cheese, Italian salami, alkali biscuits, orange olive, etc

Matters needing attention

Lubesca needs to be refrigerated first


Lots of ice to enhance the texture