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Pay attention to the following questions before taking wedding photos, and take wedding photos of stars

2018-05-02 09:36:00

Every couple will worry about taking a bad photo before taking wedding photos, after all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime wedding photo, small editor to help you out: try not to drink water the night before shooting, to prevent puffy eyes from affecting the photo effect. Avoid staying in the hot sun for a long time without protection, and eat less irritating fried food. On the day of the photo shoot, the bride should wear a bra or a bra patch and a corset. The bride can wear flesh-colored stockings on the day of the photo, and it is best to bring a pair of comfortable flat shoes in addition to high heels to ensure that the ankle can relax when resting. On the day of the photo shoot, the bride can apply her own skin care lotion, do not make up, to avoid causing makeup difficulties. On the day of the shooting, the couple can wear open-chest underwear, easy to change clothes, and will not spend makeup. Brides make sure to shave their armpits two days before. Groom remember to shave, beard growth faster can wear a razor. Groom remember to wear black shoes, with one black and one white socks. On the day of the photo shoot, you can bring your own most satisfactory photos and communicate with the photographer how you want to feel. Remember to wash your hair the night before the photo shoot, and just trim your hair slightly instead of using hair products. People who are nearsighted on the day of the shooting can switch to contact lenses. Groom can bring two different eyes convenient modeling, late will affect the overall process, remember to go to bed early and get up early. Having said so much, have you written it all down? For beautiful wedding photos, the bride and groom must take more lessons!