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People during the May Day outing precautions

2018-04-08 09:36:33

Many people have plans to go out to play during the May Day, but when going out to play, they should also pay attention to the prevention measures and personal health and safety of the epidemic. The following will tell you specifically, during the May Day to go out to play precautions, I hope to help you. 0 May Day Travel Guide during the epidemic 2 May Day travel What are the precautions? 0 May Day holiday go out to play how to view the scenic spot real-time passenger flow?


May Day travel guide


Try to play in the local have very good tourism, as well as a lot of tourist attractions and scenic spots, in the case of the epidemic still exists, it is best to play in the local and surrounding areas, do not go too far to the region or travel abroad.


Try not to take children out of Shanghai According to the relevant announcement of the education department, now the school has started one after another, after the May Day holiday, there will be students to continue to school, so try not to take children to play outside during the May Day, otherwise it may affect the normal return to school time.


Now the major scenic spots are basically the implementation of booking tickets, that is to say, if you want to play scenic spots, you must make an appointment to purchase tickets online or offline in advance, and make relevant reservation preparations in advance.


Although most communities now do not need to check the health code of people entering and leaving, but if there is a travel plan during the May Day, you must apply for a health code in advance. Because to subway stations, bus stations and other public places, are to check with the application code.


During the May Day travel must travel with a mask, although the weather is relatively hot, coupled with a group of forms have been controlled to a certain extent, so many people relax their vigilance, but if you go to a large tourist area or station, you must wear a good mask and do a good job of safety protection.


During the May Day period, the overall temperature of the weather is rising, but every morning and evening should pay attention to keep warm, in case of a cold and fever, because now each scenic spot will measure the temperature of people in and out, if you have a cold or a fever, you may not be able to enter the scenic spot to play.

Matters needing attention

Go out to play must pay attention to safety, do not leave too far to affect the return trip.