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Perfect decoration of small apartment space, happy home brings the trick

2018-02-28 19:12:00

Today's high housing prices, so that more people are discouraged from the size of the house. Thus, more people flock to small houses, and small houses become people's "new favorite". Although the small house area is limited, but the pursuit of quality of life people are also willing to decorate such a small space into their own ideal home. In the decoration design of small apartment space, it is necessary to use some of the essential skills used in the decoration of small apartment space. 1: The color used should be expansive. The color can not only activate the atmosphere, but also give people a different visual feeling, so the decoration of a small house needs to use different colors to set off the atmosphere. Small room decoration in the choice of color, in addition to fit their own hobbies to choose, home space walls, furniture, bed covers, sofas, curtains and other colors, generally choose with diffusion and backward light tones, intermediate tones, with such tones to lay the tone of the entire home space color, It can bring cheerful, bright and spacious visual feeling to the occupants. If the small home space decoration uses deep colors, it will not only bring a sense of visual restriction, but also bring a sense of embarrassment and depression to people living in a small home space. Therefore, the happy family thinks that it is best to avoid the dark color decoration in the small apartment space. If you want to use a dark color, also use other bright colors to match it. The furniture used should be light and dexterity due to the limitations of small apartment space, so the volume of furniture placed in it should not be too large, and it is best to choose lightweight furniture placed in the living room space. Furniture that can be arbitrarily combined, disassembled, and stored is more suitable for use in small household space. Small and delicate dining table, dining chair that can be retracted into the dining table, bookcase that can be split into several small pieces, wardrobe, TV cabinet, wine cabinet, etc., are the best choice. And the shape of these furniture focus on the design and use of lines, light texture, small size, the use of color can also achieve the effect of shrinking the volume of furniture, you can make full use of every inch of space. The choice of furniture in the small apartment space, you can also choose which kind of small footprint, tall furniture, this furniture can not only accommodate more items, but also does not waste living space. The decoration design of the small room space is usually to meet the practical function of the home space first. Therefore, when decorating a small room space, first consider the practicality of the room space, and then consider the beauty of the room space. In the smaller living room space, the division of absolute space should be avoided as far as possible. Happiness family believes that it can use different materials and shapes of the floor and ceiling, as well as different styles of furniture placement to show the distinction of living space. This decorative technique can reduce the similar situation that a completely independent porch will take up a lot of space in the living room, so the open space design can meet the functional needs of small apartment space.