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Perfume appreciation buying guide

2018-03-22 04:48:25

Nowadays, people's requirements for life have increased, the pursuit of fashion, the pursuit of trends, and the life has a taste. Among them, not only to eat healthy, but also to dress beautifully, but also to live with a smell. Therefore, in normal times, many women like to spray a little perfume on their own body. So, what are the perfume appreciation buying guides?


Buy natural, pure perfumes. This kind of perfume smells of a very natural fragrance, giving people a feeling of enjoying life and fashion.


When buying perfume, pay attention to the length of the fragrance. Good perfume, sprayed on clothes, the scent can be retained for at least 5 days or so. Bad perfume, on the other hand, can only be kept for up to five hours. Therefore, it is recommended to buy perfume with a longer fragrance.


Good perfumes are clear, transparent, and free of turbidity. Gently shake the perfume, the perfume liquid is very transparent, clear, there is nothing cloudy.


Note that the perfume nozzle and spray are intact. If the nozzle is broken, the perfume will evaporate easily. If you burn it, it's hard to get perfume out.


Buy perfumes with different scents according to personal preferences, temperament, etc. There are many kinds of perfume fragrances, there are roses, flowers, jasmine and so on, according to their own preferences to buy.


Always buy genuine perfume. In general, authentic, big-name perfume is of good quality, but the price is more expensive, but it can also be used for a longer time. Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that it is better to buy genuine perfume.