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Personalized wedding customization need to pay attention to what matters

2018-04-10 11:12:34

As the post-90s gradually reached the age of marriage, the post-90s brides who show their personality naturally have certain requirements for the wedding dress necessary for marriage, and the bride dress is to choose custom or rent it? If the economic conditions allow, the wedding or choose custom bridal dress is more appropriate. Princess Kate senior wedding custom bridal dress, the bride can not only choose their favorite styles, fabrics, you can add their own unique ideas. Tailor your wedding dress to make it unique.


Design draft


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Custom bridal dress: Price Custom bridal dress is not expensive, this is also the first consideration of the bride, the bride dress can not be used as daily clothing to wear, too expensive to avoid waste, the current wedding dress price varies, the price ranges from several hundred to several thousand.


Custom bridal dress: Fabric When customizing bridal dress, the choice of fabric can be selected according to personal preferences in satin, yarn, chiffon, lace, silk or other fabrics. In order to cater to the luxurious and warm atmosphere of the wedding, the selection of materials is mostly mercerized fabrics, flash satin and other gorgeous and noble materials.

Matters needing attention

In the custom bridal dress, brides must pay attention to the above custom bridal dress precautions, in order to customize their own exclusive unique bridal dress.