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Pet consignment process

2018-03-09 08:00:00

In China, every place in the pet process is similar, some of the differences are nothing more than the formalities of the window, the place of out-of-regulation baggage delivery are different, I will talk about the process of handling pets.


In total, there are three terminals T1, T2 and T3, T1 is responsible for airlines, Capital Airlines, T2 is responsible for Southern Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Siberia Airlines, Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Delta Airlines, T3 is responsible for Shenzhen Airlines, Air China and so on.


(Since there are very few cases to go to T1, almost no, so I will not give an example) in T2 (the second floor) for pets, such as Southern Airlines, after entering the gate 12, go to the G11 area (only here can handle pet check-in, luggage can also be handled together), find them to ask for a net, put it on the box, and then face G11. Turn left and walk 20 meters straight after the right is the packing office, pack the box, pay the fee of 15 yuan, and then go back to the G11 area, go through the procedures, first put the pet on the conveyor belt to weigh, show your ID card and inspection and quarantine certificate, and then fill in the list according to the staff, after finishing the process, take the payment slip to the more than heavy center at the F gate to pay the fee. Then take the stamped bill back to G11, get the ticket back, wait a moment, there will be a duty manager to take you to the excess baggage drop, put the pet on the conveyor belt, wait for the duty manager to sign the confirmation, then you can check the board.


In T2 terminal, other airline pets are the same except for the place where the formalities are handled and the place where the payment is different. If you do not know the place where the formalities are handled, you can ask the staff.


In Terminal 3 (the fourth floor), the first thing to do is to go to the window to ask for a net, but the difference is that in Terminal 3, the window is fixed, the processing window is J17/J18, the payment window is the overpayment window facing the leftmost of K26, after finishing the package, finishing the procedures, and paying the fee, You need to personally take your pet to the out-of-order baggage drop, give the pet to the staff, put it on the conveyor belt, and wait for the pet to pass over, and after the staff there has checked, everything is completed and you can go to the ticket and board.


After you arrive at your destination, there are two places to get your pet, one is the irregular baggage drop to get it, one is the baggage carousel to get it, each city is different, you need to ask the airport staff in person.


About the airport pet trip is almost like this, if you do not understand anything, you can ask me, or ask professional, and finally wish you a happy trip!!