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Pet How to check a pet on the plane

2018-03-19 06:24:00

Show you how to bring a pet on a plane.


Pet aviation special container with tray, immunization certificate, quarantine certificate, owner's ID card original.


Go to the pet hospital to get vaccinated and apply for the immunization certificate with the rabies vaccination stamp (the cost ranges from 20 to 50). As for other vaccines, there is no specific request from the airport.


Go to the quarantine department for quarantine procedures, and now the disinfection certificate and epidemic prevention certificate are three in one, and the cost is about 100 yuan.


Take the dog and its crate (preferably an airline case) to the appropriate window as required by the airport.


Weighing, according to the distance, model, weight, area and other comprehensive settlement of freight, write the consignee, name, delivery address.


To sign an additional insurance (passengers must sign voluntarily, not compulsory), generally protected 10%----20% or so


Access to the cargo hold isolation: Generally 2-3 hours in advance, to the airport waiting or cargo station check-in. Two hours before the plane takes off, there's no more deliveries.


Enter the aircraft aerobics compartment. The temperature on board is 5-25 degrees.

Matters needing attention

Give your pet some water at home before departure. In hot weather, it is recommended to put some ice cubes in the air carrier. Do not eat food six hours before departure to prevent airsickness.


It is best to choose a morning or evening flight to arrive in hot weather to prevent heat stroke, and it is best not to choose a flight or transit that stops.


When the weather conditions are bad, it is best to send the dog when the flight is easy to delay. Because the plane is prone to delays, affecting the normal flight time.