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Photoshop the horn effect

2018-04-16 19:12:42

Photoshop the horn effect


One file, 150 X 150 pixels, black background, one layer of pattern, using the line tool to make the same pattern as the following edges.


Select the Circle Selection Tool, pull a circle selection, press CTRL + SHIFT + I to invert the circle, and then press DEL or BACKSPACE. You should now have a circle filled with mesh, with the background selected.


While still in the selected state, press CTRL + SHIFT + I to select the mesh. select select >> Modify >> Contract, enter 5 pixels, press enter, then press CTRL + SHIFT + I to reverse select, select the background, and then press DEL.


Press CTRL + SHIFT + I to Select the mesh graphics, select Select >> Modify >> Border, enter 5 pixels, and press enter. Another layer, call it ring, and now you should have a round selection on the new layer, and with the paintbrush tool, fill it in white.


Press CTRL + D to deselect it. On the RING Layer, select Layer>>Effect and select Inner Shadow. Other Settings are as follows: Mode: Multiply with black color Opacity: 75% Angle: -49 Do not Use Global Angle Distance: 3 pixels Blur: 4 pixels Intensity: 0% 6. Select Bevel and Emboss and press the following Settings: Highlight Mode: Screen with white color Opacity: 75% Shadow Mode: Multiply with black color Opacity: 75% Style: Inner Bevel Angle: 120 Use Global Angle Depth: 3 pixels Blur: 3 pixels


On the pattern layer, hold down the CTRL key, click on it, select this layer, select the Circle Gradient Tool, use the black and white gradient, drop down from the top left to the right, OK, the horn is done.